USAC XC MTB National Championships 2021

Flobikes has coverage

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Looks like 10th in short track.


Second place is a local guy to me.

After racing the course yesterday, I felt like 50-75mm of drop would have been ideal if running a dropper, but that a rigid post would also be no real hindrance. I was constantly trying to get my 150mm post to go down just a short way so I could still pedal reasonably well on the fast downhills.

Men’s race must be about to start? Anybody watching (and keen to give updates)?

My hope is that Alex Wild can get up for it!

Just signed up for Flobikes to watch it - saw 12.5/mo and thought well, might be worth it. Turns out it’s a yearly one, just monthly is 30, so I asked to cancel again.

The 10 mins of the stream I saw were 5 min commercials for USACyclings partners, 20s of the field going through - Alex Wild was maybe 10th and then 4 mins interview with some guy while showing the gondola going up. I appreciate MTB is still a niche sport in the US, but that was an all-around bad experience on the stream

Not that I’m American or interested in FloBikes, but I’ve heard nothing good about them :grimacing:.

Come on Alex :crossed_fingers:!

Alex up to sixth, 2:13 down on Keegan though.

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I was a subscriber for the last two years and it was okay. Very limited number of races, hard to find what I was looking for and technical problems. I have GCN+ now and think it’s way better. Of course, if you want USA cycling events, Flo is your only option.

Oh, they also had other sports like track and field and gymnastics which my partner would occasionally watch.

Keegan took the win, Alex nabbed 5th.


I signed up mostly out of curiosity for Unbound Gravel coverage. That broadcast/commentary was poor, and this one was awful. It felt like less than 5 minutes of actual racing footage in a 1+ hr race…just empty trails and fans walking past.

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Is Alex Howes known as a MTB?er Or does he just have an enormous aerobic engine so he can show up and get a top 10? I didn’t know he was targeting this. And did Chris Blevins race this? I didn’t see his name on the results.

As usual, USA Cycling messed up the timing of this race so that our Olympians can’t compete. Chris Blevins, Kate Courtney, Haley Batten, etc. are missing this race as they are in route to Tokyo.


EF has a lot of riders who do alt stuff. Alex and Lachlan did Leadville in 2019, with Lachlan getting 3rd and Howes getting 5th.

So yes, he has a big engine but has also spent enough time on his MTB to show up and get a good result.

I think it’s a pretty good result for him.

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From Jonathon and Keegan’s IG posts, it doesn’t sound like the course was overly technical (for them at least). So that would help with Howes competing at the pointiest end.

He kept popping up on my feed riding his MTB though so I think he’d been doing enough (beyond his normal skill level which I’m sure is high)

Ive raced this course in 2019. Its not technical outside of fast descending. Its basically straight up then straight down. They messed up the timing for the amateur’s too, changing the dates, moving it mid week on a holiday week. Some of the fields had under 10 people in them.

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I believe he also formerly raced CX

Nate mentioned on the podcast that replay can be found somewhere… can someone paste the link here?

Am I the only person that is always confused when they see the Construction Zone Racing jersey and think it’s the Belgian champ? :smiley:

Also has USACycling announced anything for the MTB Marathon Nationals since they announced back in May that they’re being moved?