2022 UnPAved Gravel Race

Anybody signed up for unPAved of the Susquehanna River Valley 2022? They simplified signup this year and you don’t have to pick a distance until race day. I’m deciding between the full 120 or 90-mile route. Not familiar with the area but looks like some steep climbs. Anybody have experience and can help with tire and gearing?


I signed up too but this will be my first year. Hoping some experienced folks will chime in!

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I did the 90 last year. I had 34/32 as my easiest gearing and had to walk part of the last climb but found the rest rideable.

Last year, the first/last rest stop were extremely short on water.


I was considering GRX with 48/31 2x and 11-34t in the rear, which sounds like more than enough.

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I signed up for this. First real gravel race for me. And longer climbs than I can get in my area. What tires do you think are suitable for this?

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It was a muddy mess last year by all accounts. I’m in for this year and curious to hear if anyone has any recommendations.


I did the 90 last year. 1X with a 38 ring and 42 biggest cog in the rear. Ran 38 Gravel Kings SK with no issues. Very rideable gravel even in the slop last year. I heard the Difference has a chunky jeep road that may require more tire.


The 90 didn’t have any technical sections, and I felt fine on 38’s. I am not a brave descender by any stretch of the imagination. You will need some low gears for that first climb.


I have done the 120 twice (well, last year it was 125). Been running AXS Eagle with 40 front and 10-50 back both times and have been very happy with that.

There were a lot of people walking on the last big climb into the last rest stop in 2021.

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I have raced the 120 in the first edition in the lead chase group (didn’t even know someone was off the front). I’ve also came back and “won” the 90. To me the 90 is a much more typical gravel event, long gravel climbs and descents. The 120 quickly gets very technical with climbing rough rocky terrain and then descending it as well. I completed the 120 and said welp, that’s checked off the list for me and I race local elite/pro MTB. I had 1X with a 1:1 ratio 42 front ring and 42 rear cassette and I thought the gearing was completely fine. Ran 38 SK Gravel King rear and a 40 Bontrager GR1 front.

Just got in via waitlist. Need to decide on tires - thinking specialized pathfinders. Also whether to replace my 10-33 cassette with a 10-36 (running 48/35 up front). /shrug

I had to defer and they said there was no waitlist so I guess you’re welcome, haha. Wish they would have given me the refund though.

To be fair this was the last weekend to defer so I’m sure I wasn’t the only one.

I’m running 48/31 up front and likely an 11-34t in the rear though I’m debating an 11-32t. Mostly because the 11-32t is a SRAM Red and the 11-34t is Ultegra, so it’s like 150g heavier.

For tires, I’ve settled on 38 Pathfinder Pros. They seem to roll pretty fast on Tarmac and I’m only doing the 90 which I hear isn’t as technical or demanding as the 120.

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I’ll be racing this year! Very excited, first time for me and it looks like it’s going to be a super fun event.

Weird to say this as I’ve been in the cycling and TR communities for a long time now, but this will be my first real bike race. I’ve done several triathlons and the Deerfield Dirt road randonee last year, but this is my first actual cycling race. Coming off IM Maryland three weeks ago and haven’t been on my bike since so I have no expectations for this race other than to have fun.

Last fall I was driving through the area about 2 weeks before unPAved and I rode the 56 mile course on my own, the roads and scenery were stunning. Super excited to ride the full-120, it’s gonna be a beautiful ride

looks like it’s a full 130 this year!