Upload Run and Swim workouts from Garmin/Strava to TR calendar (Feature Request)

My point was simply that TR should up its sensor game and completely implement the protocols they support. For the Ant+ Bicycle power profile, there are the following options:
Power-only data
Torque and Speed data (optional)
Torque and Cadence data (optional)
Torque Effectiveness and Pedal Smoothness (optional)

So in my ideal, TR would capture all of the above / would capture whatever is sent. Same for running / heart rate / etc.


And it isn’t just software like TR. Not all devices collect all available data.

Can’t recall if TR keeps temperature, that might be another one. Toss a fit file into fitfileviewer.com and there is a whole bunch of fields, some empty, but a bunch of stuff that can be captured:

Don’t use that data often, but sure is nice when I do want to review it.

LIttle bit of time obsessed over this, new to TR and was like where are my runs/swims!!! reconnected other services a million times thinking it was something wrong!

  1. import completed run activities into the TR calendar 5
  2. automatically associate imported completed run activities with planned run activities 5
  3. See my run persona records across season and individual workouts (distance based and time IE best 5k time) 1, rather longer term request
  4. automatically detect my FTP and develop training zones from it. 1, rather longer term request
  5. have run workouts in Tri/running training plans adapt with AT 3, mid term request
  6. running specific training plans that target 5k, 10k, HM, M or distances that work with PB 1
  7. paced based workouts create from unique running progression levels and running FTP 2
  8. Send run workouts to my watch to complete outdoors 3, would be nice, not a deal breaker for me
  9. Foot pod support 1

Thanks for keeping us posted on this. I think you mentioned they were still working on it during a podcast a few weeks ago. Hopefully the team is making good progress and we can get some external beta testers soon! Keep up the good work.


As a heads up @Garf @Bbt67 , they actually released a data field via ConnectIQ, really like all the options they offer. Also recommend their workout app instead of normal running app for things like intervals if you prefer that. I see the power details plus their running dynamic equivalents like GCT, etc. in Garmin Connect, too. Not sure on the bluetooth vs ANT+ details so apologize if I missed something specific their in the original discussion.

Hope this helps!

@timb34 Just started an 80/20 running plan for a HM based on power zones and started using Stryd. Still learning about power and understanding but interested in the approach. I just did a 1.5 hr run today and barely looked at my pace, my main screen was power-focused and was interesting when all my other training has been pace-based.

@Nate_Pearson I can see both sides of some of the back and forth around power. If it’s not too much extra development time, I think allowing for collection of power would be great for those of us using the data. As mentioned, Strava, TP, Garmin and Polar all offer power fields in their analysis/devices, even if the analysis is basic for most. Allowing for import of structured workouts which are based on power would also be appreciated, like TP does.

I don’t know if the Stryd integration can be justified in terms of development money, but I know many would appreciate it.

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That’s what we’ve been talking about all this time…

You can see the raw data graph but Connect doesn’t “understand” that Power is power and that GCT is Running Dynamics. If you look closely you’ll see it isn’t listed there. It’s just showing the graphs of data that for it is completely unknown and random, which is why it doesn’t show on the watch Running Dynamics either, and why you don’t get any of the derived power metrics. So you need to use runalyze or intervals.icu to work with it.

For the first few years you couldn’t get running power on Strava either because it was just an unknown track in the Garmin FIT file (and not the Power track!), but as of like half a year ago Strava did a specific workaround for the Stryd and now it knows that the unknown track is really power.

Mind you this is all a Garmin Connect IQ limitation, not Stryd’s fault. And we got here because we were discussing that although Garmin only does RD over ANT+, it’s clearly technically possible to do the same over Bluetooth (as Stryd does).

Coming to you from four years in the future… looking like that 2025 might be the most accurate.


So, it’s my interpretation that TR will never enable syncing runs and swims from Garmin, correct?!?

No, not correct from what I’ve seen. These posts from Nate are worth a read if you missed them above.


Cool, cool thanks! (but, the promise “We’re working it!, but don’t hold me to it.” or “Any week now!” has been the status for years, now)

It’s Tri season and I would like to take advantage of Adaptive training to get ready for the IM70.3 Santa Cruz in September, buuuut without the run and swim syncing from Garmin, it’s kind of for naught. Hopefully…

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Adaptive training only takes bikes into account for bikes, runs into account for runs, and swims into account for swims. So you can still use it for bike rides and the others too if you enter them manually.

I have been using it since the first or second beta group and since january with a tri plan. I delete all the swims and enter my own so it just ignores those. Runs I only use their schedule as a guide but if you miss a run or two either didn’t do it or forgot to manually enter it then it will pop up with suggested adaptions… they are very basic for the run. Right now it basically only considers time for those activities anyway from what I can tell, so even if it did auto upload it wouldn’t be any better at adapting for swim and run.

I was just thinking about this thread during my workout…

My ride today was ‘Illabot’ - a 3hr endurance ride, and for me 6.0 PL & ‘productive’… But the ride itself was part of an Ironman training session (4km swim before and half marathon after).

Although the ride as a stand alone might have only been ‘productive’, in reality it was probably more than that given the workout before (admittedly, not so much after).

I guess what I’m getting at is whether progression levels and classification of rides in the future will account for any swims or runs completed immediately before or earlier in the day when a double workout is planned?


Is there an ETA for integrating Garmin devices or Garmin Connect with TR?

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So…How’s the Kanban looking? :slight_smile:


It’s been so much harder than we thought :sob:.

I know they are on a limited amount of early access features but I can’t give an exact launch date. But again, the same engineers are on it full time! Actually, one engineer got promoted to CTO but other than that it’s the same :smiley:.


What if we all started sending “beers for Nate”? :rofl:


Then you’d probably get some sort of date plus a lot of other random stuff. :rofl:


I live in a very hilly area too and running pace has been useless unless i go run in a flatish area and stay there.
Stryd power is a much better gauge of my efforts.

WHat sw do you use to analyze your run and the pwr data?