Upload Run and Swim workouts from Garmin/Strava to TR calendar (Feature Request)

Thanks for the update :slight_smile:

That’s a shame. I was under the impression from previous posts that it was already being used internally by TR staff. Looks like we’re sticking with TrainingPeaks for a while longer then.

Appreciate the update, thanks👍.

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Maybe with WatchOS 9 bringing run power natively to the Apple Watch, TR will rethink including run power


Anyone heard how this is coming along? I’m sure they are still working on it, just wondering if I missed anything on the podcast or forum somewhere.

It would be nice to have a quick update about Progression levels V2 too, but I’d guess it’s just ‘we’re working on it.’

Both features have development teams dedicated to them (Workout Levels V2 now has two) and are being actively worked. I’ll provide progress updates as they become available.


Sorry, do you mean there is there a team working on auto uploading runs and swims? Or have I missed a setting change somewhere?

You haven’t missed anything. They are still working on it.


They must be trainees as its been in work for the last 2 years :smile:

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I think I remember a comment from Nate saying they’d had to adjust some data structures that were buried deep in the platform, so I suspect it will be a whole new build of the app in order to implement. If that is the case it may well be that they release this feature and WL2 at the same time. I’m eagerly waiting for both!

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I am new to TrainerRoad as of a few days ago. I have many questions but the first question is: How can I upload runs or swims captured on my Garmin.

For example I am doing a gravel training program on TR. Today was an off day but I decided to do a run. I noticed after the run that it didn’t upload to TR, however, my past (cycling) history from Garmin and Strava does appear on TR.

I ask this because I would like to see if affects the adaptive training if you do non-cycling workouts outside of your current plan.


Welcome to the forum. I moved your post under the long running one on with the same basic question/goal. As of now, there is still no automatic uploading of non-cycling workouts into TR. Even when done manually, they are not factoring into the AI calculations of your plan AFAIK.

I’m hopeful this is close, I think Jonathan said he is training for a triathlon, so maybe that’s a positive indicator


I wouldn’t hold your breath :roll_eyes:




Is this uploading of run workouts still not available?


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Not yet, as we would be the first to know in this thread!! The last message is that a whole lot of people are working on it. I surmise the backend datamodel(s) are being heavily reconstructed, not a quick fix but fitting it in futureproof. It will come!


Working with Garmin’s non standard data formats has been a known issue for some time too. I know other platforms struggle to get Garmin to work with them on these issues.

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They said they had the data already coming in…
My uneducated guess s that they need to work on how to use the data within the system inn way that make sense…

I think this will be much bigger than just showing the data from run