Upload Run and Swim workouts from Garmin/Strava to TR calendar (Feature Request)

I’ll be honest and say I’m not an expert and just kinda said that in a catch all sense of “cause to be moved from Garmin to TR”.

I can see how the easiest way to do it is to just take an activity as a whole, and recording and publishing multisport activities is surely more complex than I will ever care to understand.

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I’m not suggesting they should only do Stryd, but it would be an easy implementation. They of course could do pace and HR - but when you run with Power it really is as good as it is in cycling.

I do not disagree.

But 250W on strider is not the same as 250W on garmin power.
Unless someone comes up with a standardized algorithm that is used by all manufacturers, run power will just be an arbitrary number that only works for the device that created it.

True, but also very easy to move from shoe to shoe. Comparing power numbers does not actually matter and doesn’t invalidate the training approach. Bike power meters are somewhat the same especially when comparing with trainers.

@IvyAudrain Hello! Noticed this thread started in October 2018, but I don’t have time to read thru 484 posts. Is there an update on whether/when TR will import Run and Swim activities from other platforms (Garmin, Strava)? It sounds like possibly TR already does this, but for some reason does not display on the Calendar. Is that the case? Can you describe whether and how Adaptive Training factors these in? I would assume that to be effective AT has to consider all activities, not just cycling (I’m a triathlete). Let me ask another way: I have TR set to auto-import activities from Garmin, Strava, Zwift. Say that I’m over-reaching with my run training. Does AT consider that, when adjusting the plan? Or does it only consider compliance with planned cycling workouts, and the RPE entered via TR? Will TR consider enabling an annotation of RPE on imported activities? Priority-wise, this would be more useful for runs than swims… Grateful in advance for any guidance you can provide.


The only compliance with swim and runs AT considers is if you check them off as completed. @IvyAudrain, is that correct?

It would also be helpful if the triathlon plans produced by plan builder took into account “long run” time/distance. I have played around with plan builder and anytime it goes from base → specialty there is a huge “long run” time/distance jump. That is a sure-fire way to get injured. Thanks!

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Or if you miss the run or swim! Incomplete workouts can illicit AT changes as well. :sunglasses:

So as @bfrostieone pointed out with the big jump in run times when Plan Builder goes from Base to Specialty, will AT adjust times of runs along the way? i.e. The Base portion in this scenario would come after a Build so would the Base runs have been adjusted to be longer/different assuming you checked off the prior Build runs as complete at/around the target times? Or alternatively, would the Specialty runs get changed to be shorter if the preceding Base runs weren’t as long?

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You wont receive adaptations for runs/swims in future training blocks based on the completed runs/swims in a previous training block. (e.g. if your custom plan schedules a build block then base block before moving to specialty, AT won’t adapt the runs/swims in the base block to maintain a ramping progression into specialty). We’ll currently only adapt runs/swims if you miss a workout where we move the skipped run/swim to your next scheduled run/swim.

Adapting runs/swims based on performance becomes particularly challenging since we don’t have the most accurate way to understand performance in runs/swims within TR yet.
We want to improve AT’s functionality for runs/swims in the future, but we don’t have an ETA at this time of when that’ll take place!


Thanks for the clarification

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It would be nice if we could get a more detailed explanation this in the podcast at some point

Great idea. If you have specifics you’d like covered, please write them in to TrainerRoad.com/podcast for Jon to review so the team can discuss live!

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