Uphill time trial

I need to prepare for a one day road cycling event (approx 150ks) that commences with a 12 k uphill time trial. Are there any TR workouts or other strategies that may help train for the demands of commencing with such a difficult start to an event

Do you mean it’s a 150km course that just starts with a 12km climb, or is there actually some kind of reward for reaching the top of the climb first?

Do you have the Strava segment for the course?

yes it’s a 150km course that starts with a 12km climb which is a distinct segment/ time trial ( no strava segment yet)

Cool. Any idea what kind of average gradient? And what is your w/kg FTP? Just so we can get an idea of how long an effort it might be for you, and what level of intensity.

about 3.5 w/kg . average gradient 7%

According to bike calculator, 12km at 7% will take about 52 minutes at 3.5w/kg. So you’re basically looking at a threshold effort for nearly an hour. Which is just like doing a 40k TT, except uphill.

So I’d look at - depending on how much time you have before event - a sequence of training plans like Sweet Spot Base 1 & 2, Sustained Power Build, and 40k TT Speciality. Though there may be other demands in the rest of your event that need looking at too.

If you’re just picking out workouts to improve your ability to sustain threshold for long periods, there are loads in the Sustained Power Build plans. VO2 workouts like Shortoff +4 will help raise your FTP, and the supra-threshold and over-under workouts like Stromlo +4 and McAdie +1 will get you used to holding threshold power for longer.

And I’d look if possible to do those workouts in erg mode using your small chainring, which will help mimic the pedalling feel of a long climb.

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That’s really helpful-
very much appreciated!

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If you’re racing the event, get in a decent warm up.

Some general points:

  • On the shallower sections, I’d make sure I was on a wheel.
  • If you’re just trying to get a fast time up the climb, I would negative split it (i.e., faster 2nd half than 1st).
  • Depending on how long the descent is on the the other side, I would ride at sweetspot or threshold. Chances are you’ll be able to recover for a decent amount of time on the descent.
  • If you’re not comfortable riding such distances, I would climb conservatively. Smashing yourself for 12km with 138km left to ride on dead legs would not be pleasant.

What’s the event?