Upgrading current setup (trainer): worth it?

Hello guys, here’s my doubt:
Currently I have a power meter on my road bike and a dumb fluid trainer.
I have an opportunity to get a budget smart trainer (elite qubo digital smart b+) this weekend. Its a wheel on trainer
My idea is to use the ERG mode for structured workouts, and maybe some zone 2 in zwift/course simulations in order do increase my overall volume.
My question is: is it worth the upgrade? My current setup seems like bombproof, and things are simple…

That’s my trainer! It was @dcrainmaker’s budget recommendation in 2015. It doesn’t do simultaneous ANT+ and Bluetooth broadcasting, so if your plan is to run TR and Zwift at the same time, you’ll need some other solution. It’s also a little flaky with Zwift generally (search their forums, it’s a known issue that they don’t have a good solution for). It requires an external power meter to calibrate (which would be fine, since you have one), and the process is kind of a headache.

I run it exclusively in ERG mode and it’s been sufficient for me, but I would not call it a significant upgrade over power meter + dumb trainer.


Thanks for the input. @GPLama also did a very good review on this one, and recommends it if you have a power meter and do your own calibration with elite app…
But as you said, I dont know if its a significant upgrade

I don’t have a smart trainer so no ERG mode experience to speak of but I’m on a fluid trainer + power meter and I’m not thinking about upgrading.

Maybe if/when my current trainer dies I’ll consider upgrading but you can do pretty much everything you need like we do now. That said, if you have the spare cash burning a hole in your pocket, go for it.