What's your forum abandoned [Unread] thread count?

I just looked, and I’m currently at 610 “abandoned” forum threads. That is, there are 610 threads I’ve read one or more posts on, but where I haven’t read all of the posts. Curious what other people’s count is, and if I’m an outlier or not

Where is that info found?


It’s actually the unread forum count - see the below screenshot. The only threads that show up as “Unread” are those you’ve read at least 1 message in.

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524 here

95 Unread here.

Slacking @mcneese.chad



I open a lot of threads but i don’t have the energy to read past the first post. I need to be entertained or I am out.


Mine is 253. I often go change the Tracking to “Normal” so I only see the ones I’m still interested in. Does that reduce this number?

I get intrigued by a title but get no further than reading the first couple of posts

Yes. A lot of times I lose interest once the thread becomes repetitive, with only 1 out XXX new posts advancing the thread

FWIW when I get bored with a thread I’ll go to the bottom and switch from Tracking to Normal. Just verified that reduces unread count.

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Thanks for verifying

2259 :rofl:


:rofl: :+1:

If you are confident that you are done with the subjects, you can set the whole unread list to “normal” by clicking dismiss at the bottom of the unread page and checking the box in the confirmation window. I’ve never been over about 50 as a result.

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This was more of a fun question to see how many topics people click into, but then abandon either because they had a specific question that gets answered, or because the thread posts become repetitive


I’m more interested in read time…

4d for me apparently :rofl:

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Hmmmm. How do you get read time?

Open your own account Profile page, Summary section:


Yikes. 27d’s read :grimacing: