Update to TR workout history? (virtual power to meter)

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I got some Assioma Uno power pedals, and with them, I got a new FTP. I am mid-Build Phase and so I took an FTP test to match the intended effort with the new power meter reading. Going from Virtual Power to the Uno meter took me from 227 to 201 FTP and, bruised ego aside, now all my TR ride history is high. Is there a way to go back and adjust the records manually, or perhaps, partition the “seasons” in such a way that I know when I turned on the power meter, so that I can am able to compare records and data from the new meter, and not have them interfered with by the now defunct ride history? Any recommendations? Thank you.

Best thing to do is use the Seasons to make a new one for now and forward with your new PM.

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@mcneese.chad thanks so much for the tip! It was very straightforward to create two seasons: 1) for the “before” with virtual power, and 2) for my current build phase using the power meter. Pretty sure this is all that is needed to separate the data. Thanks!

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