Virtual power : possible to re-procees a Past ride?

Hi all! I just started training using virtual power on a dumb trainer. After my first ramp test my calculated FTP was a good 25-30% less than what I was expecting. I then realized that I didn’t input the right model trainer before the test ( I put in the Tacx Blue Matic, whereas my trainer is the less resistive Blue Motion)

Can the data from my ramp test be re-proceesed after the fact, with the correct trainer info? Or should I redo a ramp test? Other option : set my ftp to the value I estimate and start my training with that and see how it goes?


Hey there!

Our Support Team will be able to reprocess your ride with a new power curve. You can reach out to them at :slight_smile:


Thanks Bryce, I’ll contact them!

All the best!

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