Upcoming distance rides and how to coordinate training

I’ve got a 60 mile ride April 28th. As a coincidence, that’s my recovery week. (which I just noticed I have an ftp test two days later)

Two weeks later, I have a 72 mile ride, May 18th (and then an option two weeks after that.

My question, is that a good thing to have a recovery week that ends in that 60 mile ride? And if so, should I change the week of the 72 mile ride to match that week of the 60 mile ride?

Thanks for your thoughts and opinions.

It’s hard to say without knowing how difficult a 60 and 72 mile ride would be for you. And also how hard these particular rides will be.

If you have 5w/kg you can knock out 60 miles on the flat without too much effort or cost. If you’re less powerful and/or they’re very hilly, they could be a whole lot tougher.

Do you have any way (e.g. from previous similar rides) of predicting the normalised power / time / TSS of the rides?

The 60 mile should be pretty flat. This should be very doable.

The 72 mile will be a little more entailed. There is a 100 mile option but it’s a big climb to start and not sure I’m ready yet. I’ve been told to get a couple 70’s under my belt, don’t want to go over board.


I’ve never done over 77. This year goal will be to do a 100. I’ve been pretty religious with trainerroad for the last six months but not too much outside within the last year. It’s hard to predict.

I’d either just do the ramp test early, maybe on Thursday 26th, or push it a day late (Wednesday May 1) to have another day to recover from the 60-miler.

The 18th is right at the end of a 3 week build cycle, so I’d just do your long ride instead of Elephants, and then see how you feel on Sunday.

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