Unrealistic Goal? :)

Thanks @ColoradoJames!

New FTP test mid way through Build today at 246w (3.6w/kg). Up 6w in 3 weeks. Haven’t slept well the last couple nights so I’ll take it! A gain is a gain! Started out in October at 2.9w/kg.


Some nice weather let me have a go at Rist last Tuesday (2/2). Took 2:47 off my previous PR back on 11/18.

So, took 2.5 months to take off almost 3 min - prob could have gone a bit faster with not having to carry up extra clothes (arm warmers/vest) I have about 4 more months before my goal attempt. Given the rate of improvement, I definitely see a sub 50min time being doable by May/June. I might have to change my goal to 46 minutes while I’m 46! Either way, TR is really making me faster/stronger.

Also learning better how to pace / what I’m capable of. I actually did another attempt a couple weeks ago but I didn’t dig quite as deep - I think due to being both too conservative and a bit overheated (dressed too warm).

2/2/2021 - 54:42
11/18/2020 - 57:29


Just a followup. I had a month where I wasn’t feeling great (either bad allergies or cold) that put me behind a bit and my power dropped about 10 watts. I’m currently sitting at around 240w ftp at 149lbs. And actually, I’m now using powermatch from my power meter so that my numbers are the same on and off the trainer so that FTP number might be higher if I use the Kickr’s power numbers instead of my power2max (can’t remember now if it was reading high or low compared to the Kickr.

Though my ftp hasn’t increased much since February, TR has helped me to regain and maintain. I just attempted my pre-birthday PR at managed to do Rist in 51:06! A good ways from the 45min goal but a massive amount of time off my previous PR at the beginning of this journey. Looks like I managed to get my time down 7min 49seconds! Still a “win” and I have to say that I’m in the best shape I think I’ve ever been.

One thing I’ve learned through all of this is how to be more efficient on hill climb TTs - putting out the power on the steeper sections while recovering on the gradual ascents, flats, descents.

Goal now is to maintain and possibly gain a bit of fitness over the summer and go for some PRs again in the fall when it cools down :slight_smile:

Thanks all.


Hi - your original post said you were turning 45 on June 19th.

Are you still planning to have another go at the climb on or just before your birthday to see how close you can get to your target and how much you can beat your new PR by?

I’d encourage you to have another try - you may regret not giving it a go - plus although you’ve reported having a setback you’ve still made a lot of progress so now you’ve got the experience of having made a much faster attempt you know what the pacing is like - just a small power increase across the extent could shave off a fair bit and could mean you definitely outperform previous efforts?

Good luck :+1:t2::+1:t2: