Unnecessary inside/outside discrepancy?

Got Matthes + 1 on my calendar for tomorrow, and with a good weather forecast was going to take it outside.

The indoor version is 3 x (3x3min @ 115% with 4min rests), 5 mins easy between sets. The outdoor workout is 5 x (3x2min @ 115% with 2min rests), 5 mins easy between sets.

Is there any particular reason why the outdoor workout isn’t just the same as the indoor? “Find a 3 minute climb and do it 9 times at 115%” seems a pretty simple outdoor workout to work out…

Yep. No real reason except there is not enough outdoor workouts yet so it’s not 1:1. Do the indoor version outside and don’t stress about it. Sometimes the outdoor version is too easy and other times it’s overly hard (5 x 12 min O/U as a progression from 4 x 8 comes to mind!). As the indoor training plan is refined I always check the indoor version and adjust outdoor or do the indoor instead.

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Based on rider feedback, they are working to offer a 1:1 match for inside to outside ride options.

That was not the original plan, and that is the issue here. So do what is needed for a workaround now, and know that a fuller solution is already in motion.

Thanks both.

I personally wouldn’t have a total 1:1 match, as I think some workouts are particularly hard to do outside, particularly ones that require accuracy (over unders) or long intervals requiring long climbs or unbroken stretches of road. But this one seemed like it wouldn’t cause too many people difficulties in replicating.

I actually quite like the challenge of finding the perfect road to do a particular interval on. The inner circle of Regents Park in North London has a little dip and rise, which means it’s perfect to create a kind of Baird / Bashful style session, where you go hard up and out of the dip for about a minute, then coast for 30-40 seconds until you reach the bottom of the dip and start again.

You are not hunting perfectly executed intervals but are trying to improve on the bike. Do the O/U properly even outdoors is also a skill. Doesn’t have to be erg mode, you’ll get 99% of the benefit anyway. And you will actually learn to feel the O/U.

While I think that the indoor structure of TR workouts is excellent, I don’t understand the fear of not executing the workout to the letter outdoors. There were champions there even before power meters…

I don’t disagree with you, I just personally like that sort of challenge :slight_smile:

In fact my general opinion about outdoor workouts is that TR should probably not bother spending too much time on it. If you’ve got the terrain and the gumption to figure out a version outdoors that replicates at least the intensity and physiological demands of the session, then you’ll do it. If you don’t have that terrain or that proactive attitude, I’m not sure that instructions from TR will make much difference.

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In fact my general opinion about outdoor workouts is that TR should probably not bother spending too much time on it.

I agree. I don’t find it particularly useful either.

The longer intervals might be a challenge outside. For longer than 8 minute intervals I have to ride for more than an hour to the location. However, as you said, there are ways to work around it or switch the workouts for when you have the time and the weather cooperates.