Leveling Trainer

Hi all!
Wanted to see what you were doing as far as making sure your trainers were level.( level L&R not fore aft) Or if it’s even a concern at all. If you do make sure it’s s level, where are you measuring from??? Saddle, handlebars, legs of the trainer etc…
I realize that there will inevitably be some lateral movement/ rocking of the trainer, especially as efforts increase.
Just wanted to see if there was a method I’m missing out on.
PS I use a Wahoo Kickr

I use a Cyclops fluid 2 which has an arm on either side so if it’s not already level it wobbles. It comes with adjustable twisting bits on the end of the legs to fine tune the leveling.

As an aside I also use an old BNF to prop up my front wheel.


My garage floor is on a slant. I’m using a Kickr, so just adjust the feet so it’s not rocking, sit on the bike and decide whether i’m leaning to one side or not and adjust as necessary.

Bit of trial and error, but once you find the sweetspot, you’re set.

If you wanted to get really technical, you could use a spirit level to confirm

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Thanks for starting this thread!

Currently having the same issues, but think it might have more to do with bike fit rather than trainer fit. Was much easier to determine levelness on a bike with a straight/classic top tube.

I use a small spirit level on the saddle to see if it’s tilted side-to-side; adjust trainer feet accordingly.

I measure the hight of the F and R axels from the floor to see if bike is on a decline/incline; adjust using blocks etc.

But I’m never quite sure, it always feels “off”.

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Thanks! I feel like I had it dialed at one point, then took the trainer to a race to warm up with. Ever since then it’s just felt like it wants to rock a bit. I will try the level on the middle of the saddle.

@Captain_Doughnutman Yeah, I don’t want to get too far into the weeds on this, but not being able to use the top tube is also a problem for me as well.
Part of the genesis of this question for me is that I feel more pressure on one side than the other and the only variable that changed pre/post this experience was moving my trainer.
I felt like if I could get it truly “level” then I would have a more suitable starting place to see if it was that or a fit issue.
I would welcome your thoughts on this… could the saddle be a poor place to measure if it has broken down some??? It’s a Specialized Romin Expert. Minimal padding but I could see where over time the wings could develope some flex… just slap me if I’m going over the edge here!! :joy:

This is a great topic. I use a Tacx Flow Smart and it has always felt slightly off. I feel like its leaning to the left, only my millimeters but I can feel it and when I look down at the top tube I believe I can see it too, in that its not quite in line with the down tube. I tried putting a piece of wood under the left leg but this caused the whole thing to slowly move across the floor while I was training :smile:

I try and ignore it and wonder if it even really matters, but to be perfetly honest it drives me potty every bloomin ride! :laughing:


:joy: yeah it can get maddening when you’re just staring down at it for hours on end! But I’m wondering could you also be hemorrhaging power w that rocking??? Also, if one side was weighted more than the other, caused by the trainer being off, injures could occur.

I may try to post a picture of the legs of the trainer. The knobs are definitely different lengths, which puzzles me bc it’s in the floor in my house. ( should be level) However one leg of the Kickr extends out further. So I figured the distance had to be accommodated for by a corresponding height difference. If I were better at math I’m sure I could calculate the ht/distance ratio. :laughing:

One way to check for vertical is to drop a plumb line from the center of the saddle at the back. Look from the rear and it should be straight with the center of the seatpost.

Adjust the trainer as needed with it’s own leveling options or wood shims.


I didn’t have the luxury of a plumb line - so I just put the pedals at 6o-clock and measured to the floor from the lowest point each side.

I wonder if the bike/trainer being way out (needed to add 1cm added under the left side) could have been attributing knee/hip issues

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Yeah, if you were leveling your hips, the leg extension would likely be effected, so I think it’s a distinct possibility.

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