Understated jerseys that don't cost the sun and moon?

+1 for Galibier… really good kit but maybe sized a bit small.
+1 Stolen Goat, really good kit
Cycology does some crazy designs, ive got a couple of tops and they are really nice on
Morvelo also does some really nice kit and they usually have a sale going where you can get some serious reduced price kit

+1 for Spexcel.
Whilst their designers appear to have very little imagination (ahem) the quality of their jerseys are spot on.

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Cycology - definitely not understated, but I do like some of those.

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DhB Aeron Lab - I find these to be a better fit and more comfortable than rapha aero pro.

At this point I basically don’t use anything but DHB Aeron unless I have to…

I have settled on Chapeau as my goto brand. I have 4 tops and 1 shorts and 2 bibs from them. The sizing is consistent and ‘normal’. I am a large in most normal things and their large fits me well (42 chest)


Why did i follow this thread?
Now waiting for my new chapeau jerseys to arrive :slight_smile:
Very impressed with the positive views.


Their kit looks nice, well-rated, comes with crash replacement warranty and is affordable. I’m buying one now.

Customers get £10 of off £50 if you signup to their mailing list @Johnnyvee


Can someone tell me how to buy fitting jersey? Even if can squeeze myself to racefit I still get huge wrinkles on the front when I’m in position. Should they end at belly button level or whats the secret? I’m 187 cm/6’2".

D’oh - didn’t check my e-mails but I’m pretty sure i’ll be ordering more. :slight_smile:

Thats why skinsuits have a cut where you can’t stand up in them.

Just install Honey or use the strata coupons to get £50 off Le Col and get the sport jersey for £50 - granted they seem to be out of stock right now

Same here. The jersey I wanted costs £49.99 and delivery is free, so a penny below the threshold. I’m saving it for future purchases.

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Agree with everyone saying DHB, my club kit is endura, don’t know if it’s widely known outside of the UK (they made movistar kit a couple of years ago), its made in Scotland and the cut and materials are really nice, and it fits into the 70 quid price point. Most of the time I’d spend a lot more on bib shorts than Jersey, lot of the time I’m in my rapha bibs with a cheap Jersey from China, no chance of someone on the group ride wearing the same thing! Just look out for dodgy sizing!

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Plenty of designs to choose from via the Chinese brands that are selling on Amazon. Materials aren’t the this year’s newest from Italy, but they are light breathable and hold up to washing. Just make sure to size up as the Chinese sizes are a bit smaller than US. The ones I purchased cost about $20 each if that. Also don’t forget about the sale or last year’s styles at places like Pearl Izumi, Primal & even Assos. I like some of the new limited designs Assos has, but I’m not paying $150 for one.

Trainer, cleats, bibs, fan. What’s a jersey?

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@Hoppy - my chapeau stuff arrived today - good recommendation sir as it certainly looks and feels good. Will try it out this weekend if i get chance…

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Another vote for DHB
Another vote for Decathlon jerseys, i mean for $25 its hard to go wrong

Which one did you get @Johnnyvee?

Lets see :wink:

I’ve ordered from https://www.theblackbibs.com/ Great product and super affordable. I’m in North America so not sure if they ship across the pond.