Inexpensive Training Apparel

In response to a post I recently saw on the Facebook group, I wanted to share these bibs. I think it’s really helpful to have good bibs for comfort, and team kit is more expensive and doesn’t last as long as I’d like for hard use. So, here’s the link:

If you have experience with them, feel free to share it! I think it’s a fantastic idea and product.


I use them as well, they are fantastic! I have a few pairs of high-end bibs and these are every bit as comfortable. They don’t have some of the fancy features like laser welded seams and leg grippers, but for riding the trainer they are very comfortable and a fraction of the price of other bibs. You can’t go wrong.

I just picked up a pair of bibs just for trainer use…always use last year’s kits whose chamois are probably past their useful lives.

I bought some bibs from Decathlon with discount (was around €15,- each). Fine for indoor rides. But after 2 hours they began to irritate lightly.

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