More indoor specific clothing from le col and wahoo

Just checking this out now, of course the comments appear to be dismissive of this sort of thing (and I get it, there always seems to be a premium attached to products for niche purposes), but I really look forward to the continued development of stuff to make the indoor experience better. It’s interesting that they claim the jersey provides better cooling than shorts alone. I train with just shorts so I have no clue. Anyhow, as for me I got some Verge shorts through a club discount recently and they’ve been super awesome for indoor riding

For the price of “indoor” bibs & jersey, you could buy 4 new fans to keep you even cooler in your old “outdoor” gear. :+1:


“Wearing this jersey will leave you feeling cooler than working out in bib shorts alone,” says Le Col

I mean, they’re not going to say “No, we can’t think of a good reason to pay £120 for a jersey that you can’t really wear outdoors either”. Cycling equipment companies are constantly trying to rinse their customers for as much cash as possible, but I feel like indoor specific gear at these prices is a new low.


Or do you mean new high?

It’s not like anyone else is going to see us wearing it eaither!

Has anyone bought the jersey and can provide feedback?

It caught my attention due to a Strava / Le Col £50 discount - which brings it actually to an OK price range. I only intend to use it outdoors in the hot and humid climate I’m in (usually between nightly 25C to daytime 33C (77F to 90F).

I purchased it with £50 off and rate it highly. I would never spend £120 on it though. I’ve not worn it outside but you could do quite easily, although it has no UV protection.

Maybe wait and see if it comes up on one of their daily Black Friday deals. I have purchased their Black Friday deal item every day so far because they are well discounted and you can use strava £50 on top! So their originally £150 items end up being about £50 :grinning:

You are a mindreader. That was exactly my plan. Due do quite expensive int. shipping. I would only buy it at a bargain rate. 120£, hell no. 70£ no. 40-50£. Wahooooo, here I come. :wink:

A jersey cooler than no jersey… ah science is a thing. Look it up.

Unless it’s liquid cooled, that’s about the most absolute BS claim I’ve heard for a cycling product.

People will people.

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Guess everyone is entitled to their opinion. No need to be rude - especially when misquoting statements (… ah science is a thing. Look it up).

On their website I find no claim about being cooler than no jersey. And even the article just quotes “feeling cooler” not “being cooler”. I guess a wet mesh fabric with airflow might very well feel cooler than no fabric at all. I refer here to the liquid cooling you mentioned :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Off topic / there is an other thread: I personally always wear a base layer / sleeveless running shirts indoors for moisture management. Not saying it’s better or worse, I just prefer it.

Regarding the Le Col Wahoo jersey. My intended use is outdoors. I don’t want to cycle naked and I see it more as a better looking base layer / a base layer I can wear without a jersey outdoors.

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I managed to buy when they offered free shipping too. So whole purchase was £70

There may be better options for outdoors. I got the le col hors categorie jersey for just £55 yesterday for outdoors.

interested in the Le Col indoor shorts - they talk about a special pad with more front area padding for the positions we tend to get stuck in when indoors. No interest in the jerseys though - my garage is sooo cold anyway that cooling is never an issue for large parts of the year…