More indoor specific clothing from le col and wahoo

Just checking this out now, of course the comments appear to be dismissive of this sort of thing (and I get it, there always seems to be a premium attached to products for niche purposes), but I really look forward to the continued development of stuff to make the indoor experience better. It’s interesting that they claim the jersey provides better cooling than shorts alone. I train with just shorts so I have no clue. Anyhow, as for me I got some Verge shorts through a club discount recently and they’ve been super awesome for indoor riding

For the price of “indoor” bibs & jersey, you could buy 4 new fans to keep you even cooler in your old “outdoor” gear. :+1:


“Wearing this jersey will leave you feeling cooler than working out in bib shorts alone,” says Le Col

I mean, they’re not going to say “No, we can’t think of a good reason to pay £120 for a jersey that you can’t really wear outdoors either”. Cycling equipment companies are constantly trying to rinse their customers for as much cash as possible, but I feel like indoor specific gear at these prices is a new low.