Under bar tape plastic insert "things"

I have a 2019 Tarmac that included some plastic pieces that go under the bar tape to give a bit of shape to a traditional round bar. Not like an aerobar, but I found the shape to be more comfortable when climbing on the bar tops. I would like get some for my other bikes, but have not been able to find them. Even the specialized dealer was stumped. Any ideas?

Any chance of sharing a pic for reference?

These? Specialized BG Bar Shapers - Bike World - Collierville, Tennessee


That would be it. Thanks!


Do these go on the front or back of the bar?

I had some Pro Vibe Aero bars that had a flat top and I really loved those bars when climbing.

Mine are at the backside of the bar.

I once had these, mine slowly rotated on the bar and the flat they once created became slopes. Make sure you really secure them.

These also exist, but are quiet a bit larger

In reality, these look quite silly/excessive under thicker tape. I’d use a pretty stretchy tape over these.

Thanks for the alternatives. Looks like stock on the bg bar shapers is pretty poor. I was going to use my school’s 3d printer to make some.

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