Redshifts new riser handlebars. Emphasis on the RISE

Came across this today. 50mm and 70mm rise options. Definitely giving people some upright position options


If they had less flare (like 10-14*) I could see using them on some of my clients road bikes when stem choices for more height are limited. But with that much flare, I doubt most of the road based riders would want them. The price is a bit high too, but I love the Redshift quality and attention to detail overall.

I don’t like that much flare on my handlebars, gravel or road. 12 degrees is usually okay.

I tried their kitchen sink handlebar and found without the add on cruise control grips the bars just weren’t comfortable as tubing was just round so resting your hands on them wasn’t comfortable to me.

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Hover bars with more rise. Their have great ideas but their stuff is so expensive. I can’t believe the rubber grips at 100 for the set

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Do you have a link to that price? I see the following:

Seems fair to me considering that a plain set of clamp-on grips runs $25-40 from the larger grip brands.

I do agree that some of their gear is a bit pricy, but it comes from a small production group and is often unique in the space so I think it is often a practical price in the grand scheme.

Sorry, I should have specified, with exchange to CDN it works out to 100 + shipping + tax.

The bar alone is $193Cdn + tax.

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Even without the flare, those bars to WAY too wide…they start at 44cm for the narrowest option and they flare out from there to the drops. I can’t even imagine how wide the 50cm bars are in the drops!!

Maybe if you are bikepacking there is a need for bars that wide, but otherwise, I think Redshift continues to miss the mark for where the market is headed with HBs.

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There are a lot of crazy wide gravel bars out there. I get there’s some stability benefit on steep descents but for me the extra wide bars feel weird. I’m torn between 42s and 44s on my gravel bike. Currently running 42s. No way I’d go wider than 44

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I just ordered some 40cm bars for my new Grizl Al with 10° flare. That gives me 45 at the drops which is wide enough for normal riding even on light MTB trails. Can mount the standard 44cm if I ever need wider bars for bike packing. And honestly if you need a 70cm rise you bought the completely wrong bike.

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I really like the idea but yeah the widths just miss the mark. So many gravel bars seem to forget that women exist and just start at 44 cm. I’ve seen people riding around in the drops looking like they’re trying to hug something.