Clip on bars for comfort

Hi. The recent Elite Suito announcement kicked off the much awaited pain cave remodel and I’ve been eyeing some upgrades. I don’t have a TT bike, but I spend quite a bit of time in the “puppy hands” (forearms on the bars) position, especially on outdoor solo rides and sweet spot and under intervals. I find the position comfortable, but with round bars they eventually dig into my forearms. Does any of you have clip on bars on the bike just for added comfort? I don’t plan to use them outdoors, but I like the idea of them when on the trainer.

Yep, I don’t use them on my outdoor road bike but do on the trainer bike and find they give me an extra position on longer workouts of around 90min. They can also used for holding my Android tablet or water bottle. Only downside is not much room to place my hands on the top of the bars when I want to sit up because the pads take up that space.

How much of a hassle is bolting them on and off?

Normal bars take a bit if work to remove and reinstall, but it’s possible.

If you want to have a better solution for faster use and removal, the Redshift Sports Aero Bars are the best.

Install the base and adjust the bars to your position. Then removal and install takes more seconds.

I have a pair of clip on aerobars so I can replicate my TT position on my trainer bike. Four bolts and less than five minutes to fit or remove them. Mine a made by Profile Design, fairly cheap.

Seems like this approach is somewhat common on bicycle touring rigs. It definitely affords a different position than tops or hoods, takes pressure off the hands, and lets you shift position of your whole torso for long days in the saddle.