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I noticed that Disaster, and it’s derivative workouts, don’t have an associated category. You can only get to them by searching for “Disaster”. Are there other workouts in the library that don’t have a category and thus can’t be browsed for? If so is there some way to view them?

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  • There are other workouts that are not set with a category.

  • You can actually “browse” for them, just like Disaster by scrolling through the list. Disaster & Rockhouse are two big examples, but others exist.

  • There is no “easy” way to find them since you can’t search for a non-category workout. But if you are selective with Duration at the least, you can cut the lists down to something more manageable.


Ok, thanks

Would be great if there was an easier way to find them. Maybe we can put together a list of these if folks contribute? Could even form a team for these and have them available in the workout library

Sure, we can use this topic as a list. I will grab a few for starters:

PS, I need to do this, but searching stuff like “race simulation” should get some results as well.

  • 8DC Stage and many versions. Search for “8DC” to see all versions.


Here’s the team;

already found this gem; Log In to TrainerRoad

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Cool, already joined. :smiley: