UK wheelbuilder recommendation please

I’ve just had a rim failure, and need to get the hub built up with a new rim and spokes. It’s a slightly tricky hub (24h Powertap GS) with straight pull spokes and an effective flange width that’s really a bit too narrow. Hence the high tension and a spoke ending up pulling through…

So I need someone good (otherwise I’d just do it myself). Happy to do it by post, anyone got any good recommendations?


Malcom Borg. The cycle clinic.





A second vote for Malcom. He’s a fantastic wheel builder, with fine attention to detail and strong opinions on what makes a wheel that lasts. He backs his work up with a comprehensive guarantee too. He’s also a local racer and active clubman, which I think adds to his credibility. If you’re in East Anglia then you can see his work at Maglia Rosso in Hawsted.

I’m not affiliated to either Malcom or MR, by the way!

Second this recommendation.

Thanks guys.

Matt builds wheels to a very high standard

Mark Pollard at spokesman’s wheels has built me some lovely wheels and was very knowledgable when I asked him for advice on rim choice, spoke count etc.

+1 on Wheelsmith in Scotland, Derek knows his stuff and is frankly a great guy too.

Have had very good experience with Just Riding Along [](](http://)

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I had Justridingalong build me a rear wheel with a PowerTap straight-pull hub 2 years ago. I’m very satisfied. Doesn’t look like they offer PowerTap hubs anymore, though.

David at DCR wheels is really good. Great after build service too.

Thanks everyone - have contacted a few people and am going with DCR.