Sourcing wheels in the UK?

So obviously every LBS and on line source seems to be struggling with supply due to a range of reasons (Brexit / Covid / explosion in cycling popularity etc).

I’ve been trying to get hold of a set of the new Bontrager Aeolus Pro 51 TLR disc wheels - absolutely no joy at all with LBS saying October (maybe) is the next availability date.

I wanted to get a set for the ‘summer’ but obviously as time passes the benefits diminish given the short length of the actual summer weather in the uk! :joy: in which case I may as well wait until early 2022

So ideally I want to find wheels in stock and ready to collect or ship to me in the next week.

My limitations / min requirements based on these wheels, for an alternative I’d consider are:

Wide internal and external width (19mm /27mm)
50mm deep and capable of comfortably running 28mm road tyres
Hooked rim - I don’t want hookless
DT Swiss or equivalent quality hubs
Aero spokes
Weight circa 1600g per set or less
Recognised aero benefits - independently reviewed and found to perform at least on a or with other offerings in the same price range
£1200 max price

Zipp and DT Swiss seem out of my price range. Hunt don’t come in that well on the independent aero review. Giant are out of stock. Spin on these don’t have stock last time I called.

A scan of EBay threw up a few second hand options (DT Swiss and Zipp mainly) but I was consistently outbid beyond my budget / what I was willing to pay for used items.

My LBS want to sell my the previous version of these called the Aeolus Pro 5 which are basically slightly narrower, slightly heavier and without the DT Swiss hubs but charging the same price which seems silly to me.

They also have the Aeolus RSL 37 in stock which are very light and wide but not quite as deep, and have a great write up but these are like £1700 to £1800 and that’s well beyond my price range.

Any suggestions from UK based peeps on where I might source the exact wheels I’m after or alternatively a set from a different make that offer to meet all / majority of my needs as set out?

Thinking at present I’m just going to have to wait it out .


Mark at Spokesman wheels or Ryan Builds wheels are very good:

Will fully meet your reqs. Ryan does Parcour rims

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Scribe looks pretty good but I’m not sure if they fulfil that criteria.

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Was going to say, maybe try a wheel builder. They have access to more parts and also will know which rims and hubs work together and what would be a similar replacement if something is not available. And in that price range, the labour costs of actually building the wheel are a fairly low part of the total.

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Sigma Sports have some Zipp 303 S in stock if you’re willing to drop the hooked rims requirements. They come in at £985

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FFWD RYOT 44 or if you are after something deeper the RYOT55 or if your budget allows the FFWD RAW enough. Fantastic wheels and I think ticks all your boxes. I have the RAW’s and think they are absolutely brilliant, my mate has the RYOT 55 and loves those. Loads of UK availability too. RYOT55 with DT350 hubs RRP is £1350 so just over budget but probably cheaper if you shop around.

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What about Hunt Wide Aero 50’s


If the HUNTS don’t tick the boxes, what about these?

PRIME - disc wheels

Yeah, they aren’t 100% on your spec but, they are nicely under budget and available. N+1, my teammate has raced on PRIME wheels at numerous Haute Route events and they’ve not let him down.

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I’ve got a set of these in the older 60mm version and I think they’re belters.

ETA: They seem to have them back in now Prime BlackEdition 60 Carbon Disc Wheelset | Wheel Sets | Wiggle


I would go Hunt too.

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You could also take a look at

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As well as Scribe,

I would also look at Strade (49/54mm) from £1,099 - Parcours Wheels

and possibly