UK users - where to shop for used?

Watching all the chaos that seems to be going on with companies like peleton and wahooo as people head back to gyms it feels like it could be a good time to pick up deals on cycling gear.

I don’t really buy much and what I do I use till it’s dead (weird I know :grinning:) so some recommendations on where to look for used gear would be great.

Facebook Marketplace, eBay, occasionally Gumtree (but not always), slowtwitch, and Pinkbike.


Be careful on Facebook marketplace, there are a lot of scammers.

I got stung for £450 but managed to get it back through my bank who raised a claim to PayPal. I was very surprised to get anything.


Good point! Never pay with bank transfer or PayPal friends and family unless you physically have the kit in your hands and are collecting face to face. No deposits - any reputable seller will accept PayPal for a deposit until you can collect.

If in doubt, ask if you can collect in person - a scammer will either put you off or ask repeatedly for a deposit to ‘secure’ it for you.

If in doubt, walk away.

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Agree with above. I don’t mind taking a chance on stuff for £20 or whatever but anything expensive is only collect in person for me. As said above always ask to collect in person (even if then ‘change mind’ and ask for posted)…if they don’t want you to collect in person then run, run, run away!

I’ve used Facebook marketplace and eBay before without issue but as I said only use it for cheap small item stuff personally.

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Yeah, the bastad that stung me had other items for sale. I got my friend to enquire about one of them and get a video of item and the guy even had a fake driving licence……, the address didn’t exist on it.

I put the the advert of my item up with a warning and a guy contacted me saying the pictures and description had been stolen from eBay.

Facebook fraud/reporting were useless.

Buying on Facebook Marketplace is a bit of a risk for both buyer and seller. Really makes sense to look at local stuff only, in my opinion, and if paying with Paypal, the seller should provide a proper invoice and tracking through Paypal, rather than “friends and family” transfers.

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