Looking for suggestions of good sites to post "For Sale" of wahoo KICKR CORE?

besides eBay, thanks

Edit to consolidate the suggestions for easy access:

Facebook Marketplace, I start with that as it is easy to list something and it is cheap. I have also sold a KICKR Core there for about the same price as they were getting on ebay used, except I didn’t have to ship it or pay fees.

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pinkbike(dot com) also has a good buy/sell forum. I’ve bought some stuff from there.

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A very popular Facebook buy/sell group (more specific than the general Marketplace): Online Swap Meet for Cycling and Triathlon

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Oh my God this is great information I love this group


Careful! OSM is known to cause increases in parts-swapping related ailments :crazy_face:

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N+1 = SO-1

(SO = Significant Other :stuck_out_tongue: )

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