Where do you go for used bikes, equipment, accessories?

I need new handlebars. And maybe new wheels.

Edit: I want new handlebars. And probably not wheels…

And by new, I mean, used because I can’t justify a potential $300 expense to replace perfectly fine handlebars. So what sites, pages, apps do you all use when searching for non-retail cycling goodies?

Craigslist or Pinkbike are where I would look first.

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Pinkbike has stuff like handlebars and wheels?

I check Craigslist and OfferUp but haven’t had any luck…

I don’t live in a very active craiglist area (too rural), so I use eBay and online swap meet groups on facebook

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What are the names of the Facebook groups, if they aren’t local. That I believe is really what I’m looking for. Completely forgot about eBay as well :persevere:

I’ve been trying to find a good way to put this, and failed.

It’s your money and your choice, of course.

But bars and brakes are probably the most safety-critical parts on the bike and I’m not sure I’d be trusting some guy on Craig’s List or wherever when he tells me that the carbon Zipp aero bars he’s selling are a) legit and b) uncrashed.

Understandable. I would always prefer to buy items new but sometimes that isn’t a justifiable expense in my eyes.

This same idea would go for buying a used bike as welk. Thus far, I have had success with used items found for myself or my husband. I guess we’ve been lucky. I can always test the integrity of the handlebars I purchase, yeah?

I forgot to mention The Pros Closet. Bought my road bike through them. Very pleased with the experience.


Well, there’s need, and there is want.

I’d love to buy some bling bars for my bike and probably will soon. But I needed some bars for a bike build I’m doing and bought a Ritchey Comp Logic Curve, new, for £15.

Yes the bar is aluminium, no, it’s not aero, but I could buy it, new, fron a retailer, with a warranty, and I feel confident that when my 14yo son goes out on his “new” bike that the bars aren’t going to suddenly shear off while he’s doing 60kph downhill heading towards Morley’s Roundabout.

I prefer eBay because it’s easier to do due diligence on the seller (if they have history matters), and compare pricing, historically. It also matters if you’re in a hurry or like to do research and wait for the right item at the right price and bargain (all of the latter are good for me).

As others have said, for things that are very wear sensitive (handlebars, carbon wheels), I’d prefer high volume sellers, like bike shops.

Facebook is getting pretty good, in terms of listings. I like this group myself and have used it for smaller value (under $100) items.

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I’ve had great success with used / new but old. eBay is great - recently bought a 2013 tri Frame never built or used off eBay through a bike shop in Florida - so new but 5 years old and still through a shop.

The pros closet seems really awesome - used stuff they check out and resell and garantee but it’s cheaper. I was watching them forever hoping to see a good deal.

I’m on a group on Facebook Called “tri ‘n sell it” never bought through them but in the group and tons of people are constantly selling stuff. ESP this time of year.

Best of luck! Lots of good used stuff out there. So many people spend top dollar and ride it twice and it sits in a garage for a few years

I use eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Pinkbike primarily. Craigslist for some reason seems to always work better though. :thinking:

Have used Ebay and facebook marketplace (online swap meet for cycling and tri; pathetic tri buy/sell/trade) extensively - whole bikes, frames, wheel sets, components. It’s kinda hard on the wallet. On second thought, don’t go on those sites

Thank you everyone for the suggestions! I will have tons of sites to thumb through the next couple days to shop :money_mouth_face:

I just bought a bike off https://www.theproscloset.com/ and had a really fantastic experience with their customer support. The derailleurs needed adjustment after I set it up & theproscloset covered the cost of my local bike shop’s tune-up. I highly recommend them.

One note on the Pro’s Closet - they sell direct via their website and on eBay. The prices are not the same. They had the bike I bought via their website listed on eBay for a price hundreds of dollars higher. I assume they are doing that to cover seller fees but it’s a good thing to know if you see one of their bikes on eBay first.

I wrecked a set of bars (which I loved…) and split the carbon around the drop in a big, nasty crack. Thing was, when I would play around with them after, they felt perfectly stable and firm. Had I wrapped and mounted them, I doubt anyone would notice anything until they totally failed, and I have no doubt they would have. Just be careful, and of course don’t buy any set of used bars with any tape or wrap on it where you can’t see the whole thing. Personally, I probably wouldn’t buy used bars from a rando.