UK Users, any leads on laptop stands (cheap Wahoo desk alternative?)

I like the idea of the Wahoo desk, but not the price.

I know Lifeline have an alternative but it seems out of stock everywhere I’ve seen them.

I’m thinking of pulling the trigger on this:

Relaxdays Laptop Table, Large, Height Adjustable, 110 x 80 x 50 cm, Mobile Podium w/ Wheels, Lecturn, Black

Essentially I want a free standing desk high enough and with the right foot config to be able to have it over the front wheel close to my bars.

Have I missed another great value option? (I have a 5 week old and a toddler to deal with as well as training for IM Wales, DIY isn’t a realistic option)


I’m not from the UK.
Have you tried a cheap music stand?

Again, not from the UK, but these things are everywhere for very little cost.



Thanks, it’s certainly an option but I’m looking for something closer to an actual desk (for nutrition, phone, random miscellany…)

Ideally I’d have the Wahoo desk, but I can’t reconcille spending £200 on it!

All good. Probably ten quid a piece in the UK. Would 2 do the job? I run a laptop, fan remote, TV remote and mobile phone easily. I keep an IKEA foot stool in front of my pedal stroke for the water and energy drinks.
Get whatever works for you. Kids are the most amazing fun.
Apparently, I’m a bossy Rossy. Ignore me if I’m missing something that won’t work for you.

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This is on sale at Chain Reaction Cycles.

I just ordered one.

Wiggle has them back in stock now too


I got one of these before I moved to using my desk in my room:

Quality is good, can get close to the bars and pretty adjustable so you can tilt the laptop at the best angle. There’s a side table for bananas etc… and a kind of pen holder which I have some allen keys etc in. Well worth the money.

If you’re in London I don’t need mine anymore…

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I use a hospital style table. They are cheap enough on Amazon. From about £20.

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They’ve literally just come back in then, great! Thanks for the heads up.

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Thanks everyone for suggestions, I’ve ordered the lifeline table. I know it’s still an expensive option but I really liked the idea of a purpose made desk.

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Ironing board works great and cheap and easily folded away afterwards!!!


How is it? It seems quite a lot like the wahoo in the images. Is this well built?

It’s ace, great, no regrets at all about getting it.

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Close enough to “work from home” on the laptop?

You could go for something like this …

If you so wish… Yes it is.

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I built this stand out of PVC and a scrap of plywood I had laying around. ~$15 in materials and less than 30 min to put together. (I have since lowered it so that it comes just over the front wheel, but under my HB).

I have this same one and it is great. I think that it is the same stand as the Wahoo, just under a different brand.

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Would you mind measuring the frame at the base (just above the wheels)? I’m after the depth (front to back) and width of the actual frame at its widest point at the base. Thanks.

Ironing board?

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Just found this guy
You can buy them on e-bay. Finally a non fugly laptop stand.
Have also found that you can mirror to an Apple TV - so TR on laptop and netflix mirrored to the ATV
Winner winner chicken dinner