Laptop stands for indoor cycling recommendations

Did a search and didn’t find anything although I’m sure its been discussed before. What do people like for laptop stands? Looking for something more affordable than the Wahoo or TONS laptop stands.

Found and am considering these options, would like something I can get close enough to the bike that I can reach it while riding to adjust intensity, add 5 minutes to the cool down etc.

Going to get a Lasko pivoting fan too!

Did the bulk of my training on the trainer this year so looking to further optimize that rather than getting fancy new kit, etc for xmas.

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It has been discussed. This is the thread that I was using for my research: Best, cheapest, DIY hacks for standing desk for laptop, tablet, etc

I just bought the RAD and I love it! I chose it over the tripod style as the U-shape doesn’t interfere with the wheel. The table is very sturdy and, at least for me, was bigger than it seemed in the listing. The height is very good and can easily clear the handlebars, allowing for a lot of flexibility on where you place it.


Ive got one exactly the same as the RAD, sold under a different name. I seem to remember it being much cheaper too, at least a year or so ago when I bought it. Much less than the wahoo its a knockoff of.

My expert review: it works as a desk should. Nothing more, nothing less

I’ve got one called the Conquer which is the same as the RAD only it’s orange instead of blue on the plastic bits. Works great. I keep a Lasko carpet-dryer type fan underneath it.

I have the kom stand. It is good but the central leg limits how close it can get to the bars. Otherwise no complaints. Cup holders and grippy surface are positives.

I’ve seen this suggested and might get it in the future:

SIDUCAL Mobile Stand Up Desk, Adjustable Laptop Desk with Wheels Storage Desk Home Office Workstation, Rolling Table Laptop Cart for Standing or Sitting, Black

I bought the KOM stand since it has additional bottle/drink holders plus it holds my phone and tablet. Really any stand you can’t go wrong, it’s a personal pref and how you design your own pain cave area. Just take into account the fans too.

Also have the RAD/Conquer. Think I picked it up on sale somewhere. It’s a good stand, would recommend.

If you’re just using a tablet, or something similarly lightweight, this is not a bad option. Not strong enough to hold up a laptop. I have this exact version and it’s quite sturdy.

Still using the ironing board as a stand. Zero cost, :slight_smile: It’s true that I rarely iron, hehehe.


I have the KOM and have no complaints. It’s $100 on their website and might be 35% off starting tomorrow.

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Ive got the RAD one (or a copy of it). It fits in my hall just but not through its door so I have to remove/fit its table every time I use it and its slide on brackets are a bit pernickety but once fitted it does the job perfectly for me and its importantly nice and stable.

I have the Wahoo one. I’ve read before that the only major difference between it and the knockoffs are the rollers and the height adjustment mechanism.

I have the KOM table. It’s reasonably sturdy for its size and good at what it does, so in that sense I’d recommend it, just please don’t pay $160 for it. I got mine last year in a bundle with their rocker plate (which I did not get along with) so I don’t know the exact price, but if you’re paying more than $80 or so, it’s probably not worth it.

The Danish stands look great.


I bought a RAD stand for myself and it was so good, my wife made me get one for her. We also have two Lasko H20610 20" High Velocity Floor/Wallmount Fans and they are great.

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Have no clue why people pay $100s for “official” trainer stands. just get a laptop stand from Amazon. I use something like this:

Ive got a cheaper RAD/Wahoo copy, the table top doesn’t quite line up nicely with the leg buttons. I would hope that those who paid for the “official” stands paid for a slightly more refined product. Some folk also feel better about paying for R&D and perhaps ethical issues.

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I have both the KOM and the RAD stands. Bought the KOM stand first because it was cheaper. Because of the center pole, in order to get it closer to the bars you have to offset it to the side. Therefore when I use my ipad I can’t use the designed grove and basically have to put the iPad over the right water bottle holder to make it somewhat centered.

For that reason I bought the rad stand. I really like it, but the one drawback is that it is big and clunky. If you have a dedicated trainer space that you don’t have to breakdown on a regular basis, I would go with the rad stand. If however you have to breakdown your training area afterwards, or are limited on space then I would go with the KOM stand as you can break it down quickly and store under a dresser, bed, etc…


you can also get a gooseneck holder/clamp for phones or pads to bring the screen closer to you

Let me know if you or any fellow canadians see this for a better price. At the moment KOM has a sale on their direct site but after factoring in Shipping, duties and the echange it comes back to almost the same price as Amazon.

I’d also be using this desk beside my bike, I believe I’ve seen GPLama do that.