UK CX League (Season?) Cancelled

We heard yesterday that our UK CX League that would normally run from Sept - Jan has been cancelled.

We don’t yet know if other leagues and/or pop-up races will happen but there will be no way of predicting that yet.

I’m feeling generally ok about this - there’s much bigger things going on and I think I’m motivated enough to train for another 18 months until the potential 2021 season.

Currently, I am planning to continue my training structure (Base-Build-Base-Build) to peak in Sept:

  1. To evaluate how this 9-12 month structure worked for me and what I could tweak next year
  2. In case there is some racing or training possible in what would’ve been the CX season

My question is - if there is little or no racing this year, what sort of training would you target in what would normally be race season? I’m currently thinking about recreating a race season using a combination of speciality training and online racing, going into a really long base instead and/or another approach.

Any thoughts appreciated. Many thanks.

Bad times but entirely understandable.

I’d guess building some skills in might help? Adds some variety, makes up for some of the race experience you’ll be missing

Whereabouts are you? Haven’t heard anything from Eastern in our area.

Yep, I’d just adjusted my plan builder workouts to try to peak for the Central / Eastern region championship in November and heard that Central league is cancelled yesterday.

I’m leaving the plan as it is for now. Once I get to the end of the build I’ll make a call whether to do speciality or just go back to base and build for next spring / summer road / crit season.

I’m also doing Zwift races to just have some sort of competition. Fingers crossed there will be some club events over the winter too.

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I’ve been coming to this conclusion over the week. London league for me. Haven’t heard anything but I get the impression from government statements that none of us are going to get to race this year.
I’d started a training program towards a good cx season and am still in ssb1. I think I’ll follow it through to the end of short power build in July then see how the future looks.
I’m still trying to learn how to train without wearing myself out. After ten years of practice I’m starting to get the hang of it! Really do have to listen to your body and only use anything computer generated as a guideline. It’ll be good to see how I cope with ssb1 & 2 followed by short power build. I’m only doing low volume but supplement with a lot of steady miles. Hrs on the bike are still king for me but I’m enjoying letting TR progress my harder workouts.

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Nothing on the ccxl website or any social media. BC has only suspended until 30th June so far. Not saying it isn’t going to happen, but it seems a bit early to be calling the whole league off.

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Next CX season will be interesting, as/when we can race again - a load of Vet racers with 350W FTP from all this indoor training, and even less bike handling skill than usual :joy:


CCXL Facebook page announced it on the 24th.

Ok ok, I just had a look and didn’t see anything. :smirk:

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This is Central League. I’m not sure if others will follow suit. I guess it’s mostly about venue booking this far in advance? Which doesn’t omit individual clubs from putting on races later in the year but the league needed to make a decision.

It may be that British Cycling in itself cannot survive but obviously we’ll have to wait and see.

Hahaha, luckily my handling couldn’t get any worse!

At least CX is on grass. I don’t even want to think about the 2021 Cat 4 crits! :wink:

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