UI Layout issue on android when switching from landscape to vertical


after getting myself a little FTP increase today I wanted to fully view the effect of this on my Progression Levels.

After switching from horizontal to vertical view on my Android phone, I then had an issue with the UI layout, effectively cropping most changes and the related text.

Hey @martenk :slight_smile:

I will bring this up to the dev team and get back to you!

I see you created another post with a visual issue as well, which I’ll be answering in a few minutes.

I would recommend reaching out to support@trainerroad.com for these types of issues as they can get to them faster :dash:

Hey @martenk :slight_smile:

We are able to reproduce the behavior on our end, so we’ve created a bug report for it so we can fix it!

Thank you for brining it to our attention.

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