Mobile Display Phone Bug and Suggestion

Hello, been using my mobile phone (iphone 7) in horizontal view lately and when changing from the Workout Plan Screen to the Workout Additional Detail screen (from the blue bars to the other screen), in one case, it doesn’t display correctly.

You can see the sequence in the photos, and they are ordered from when it works correctly to when it doesn’t.

Also, wanted to add a suggestion: When in horizontal mode, the arrow to switch between Workout Plan (Blue bars) to the detailed view switches side. Yet, at least for me, I like to keep the detailed page, but need occasionally need to switch back to the workout plan to see what’s ahead. It would be convenient if the arrow to switch back and forth was on the same side so that the user can tap it to move, and then tap again to move back.

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Thanks for reporting this bug @Giorgio_Orlandi! I was able to reproduce this on my mobile device, and I have reported it to our Development Support Specialists to investigate :+1:.

That’s a good point, I agree that could make things a little more convenient, though a little less intuitive. Swiping Left/Right will also work, but I will pass your suggestion onto the team.

Thanks again!

Hi Bryce, thanks for the update. Might certainly try swiping which will be easier.

Hi Bryce,

I tried the swipe but it did not work - in landscape, not in portrait mode.

Any suggestions?


You’re totally right, it seems that swipe is disabled in landscape mode. I’ll pass that on to our Developers as they work on the upcoming revamped mobile application.

For now, the arrows are the only way to navigate back and forth when using landscape mode.

Thanks Bryce, yes, either the arrow on the same side or the swipe would be good improvements. Looking forward to the new app.