UCI Pan-Am Cyclocross 2023 & 2024

Montana to host Pan-Am Cyclocross Championships in 2023 and 2024 | Cyclingnews Looks like the PANAM will be in Montana. Will we see @IvyAudrain or our moderator out taking hand ups. I may have to put this on the schedule. Close enough to drive

  • Oh… heck no! I am too old and not a CX racer in any way, shape or form :stuck_out_tongue:

I would head there to watch, but it is right in the middle of my trip to Hawaii.

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Not great news for easterners though.

Get someone from the East Coast to bid on it.
Pretty sure that any bid gets accepted.
Last year was supposed to be Costa Rica? and they imploded just before.
It got added to a Falmouth weekend. (Had to look it up)

So, it was great news for Easterners just last year.