Tyre Pressure - What really is the right pressure? (Tire)

Maybe a topic for the next Youtube / Podcast on TrainerRoad (great show - listen every week), but a topic I would like explained a bit more is what really is the right tyre pressure.

I am 81kgs, riding in Dubai where we have great cycle tracks (very new and flat), only proper road riding is when racing (here they will close of the roads for us), riding on GP5000 (700x25mm - Clinchers) on Zipp 858 (TT bike). If important also on latex tubes as well, typical training rides between 90kms to 110kms…
Typically with a 83psi Front and 85psi rear… But is this best?

I checked TyreWiz, and the recommendation there is 74/77psi front /rear
One article I read stated for this brand and type it should be for me around 100psi (there range was 95-120psi).

How many articles I read, there are so many beliefs / suggestions, but nothing concrete…


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