Recommended tyre pressures for outdoor rides

Understand this a subjective but is there a general rule of thumb when setting tyre pressures on your road bike when you factor in wheel size and rider weight? Also appreciate it’s possible to have lower pressures with tubeless as well, so I guess that needs to be considered.


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IIRC in the Clif bar episode, there was mention of running about 70 psi in ENVE wheels (19mm internal) with 25c tires. I weigh 71kg and used to run 95F and 100R until this and have been experimenting with lower pressures. Right now I think I’ve found a sweet spot with about 70F and 75R with 19mm internal width wheels and 25c tires filled with latex tubes and it’s a HUGE improvement.

Actually I just checked ENVEs website for the internal rim width and they now have a pressure chart that suggests about 65psi.

Short story long, don’t be afraid to experiment!

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