Two months of training after recovering from a fractured clavicle with little or no increase in ftp

After the fracture, I waited until I could train indoors, and for the past two months I’ve been following a low-volume program, with 1h of SWEET SPOT on Mondays and Wednesdays, 90min of Threshold Training on Fridays, and tennis and self-weight training the rest of the time.
Two months have passed and my ftp is now only 196, almost only a single digit increase, I weigh 70kg and according to the averages inside the forum, my ftp is too low. Starting 1h vo2max training next week as per tr’s plan.
I don’t know if I continue training, and of course I can’t go outdoors to ride my bike, my doctor told me to avoid UV rays as much as possible because of my face injury. Indoors I can only ride 2h max or my butt hurts.
Anyone in the same situation as me, thanks for your replies!

Do a 20min FTP test.

So you’ve just completed Sweet Spot Base LV? Now you’re going into build? What was your FTP before the accident?

You’ve worked on your base, and now its time to build, I reckon you should carry on and see what the next phase brings as it looks like you’re heading in the right direction :slight_smile:


Before the injury my ftp was about 220
I am using Rolling Road Race base 1 with lower volume.

How long have you been off the bike? After my injury I was told to get my muscle volume back will take approx. 1 year. It’s been more than that now and my power distributions is still 48/52 on avg and sprint power still 200W below what I could do before. Two months of training after a serious injury is too little time imho. You’ll bounce back eventually.

In that case, I’d carry on going with it. It will come back up :slight_smile:

How long were you off the bike @Hugh_Laurie and how did you re-establish your FTP? Getting back into a training plan for two months it’s reasonable to expect some better noob gains than 4 watts. Do you feel like you are stronger than what AI FTP is indicating? You could always confirm by doing either the ramp test or 20 minute test and see what you come up with. Otherwise, I’d carry on with your plan and keep making steady progress up to your old benchmark FTP. Perhaps the higher intensity will provide better results for you.
Way to go getting back on the bike and recovering from your accident.

  • I don’t have much to offer here other than to point out that comparing yourself to others in this way may be a mistake. That info is interesting and I get the desire to use it as you’ve done, but it may be setting you up with bad expectations.

  • I would suggest looking back at your own training history for reference, since it is what you actually attained (regardless of where that places you in a spectrum of similar weight/age riders). But even comparing back to yourself has it’s own pitfalls when we consider things like aging, differences in training time, stress & nutrition to name a few.


Glad you’re getting back into training!

Not to be pedantic, but I checked out your TR Calendar, and it looks like you started training again in early August – considering it’s now mid-September, it’s really only been about one month. :wink:

Just saying that more as a reminder that building up fitness takes consistent effort stretched over a long period of time. In the grand scheme of things, one month is a pretty short duration, and it looks like you’re doing things right if your FTP is already increasing again over just a few weeks!

Your training looks super consistent, which is excellent. :muscle:

I’d echo what @Crownan said – keep chipping away at each workout and continue to move along through your plan. It looks like you’re on the right track, so keep up the good work!


Given the injury, training volume and time off the bike, 20W below your previous FTP does not seem to off. With 3 months off the bike I have lost around 100W and I estimate it will take me around 8 months to come back to the level before (not even my highest FTP).

And do not look at average because people not the same, genes, training history etc play the role.

Other thing is that you are doing the plan and following the workouts you haven’t done any maximal effort to test FTP. Even threshold workout like 4x10@FTP done by feel can give you ballpark number that can differ.


I broke my clavicle at my A race at the end of April. The race is the little red dot before all the yellow dots, which show my CTL nosedive over the 6 weeks I wasn’t allowed outside:


Took me about 3.5 months for my eFTP to catch back up. My AIFTP is still a handful of watts low at 4.5 months post-surgery.

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After fracturing my collarbone, my doctor recommended that I recover on my own without surgery. Now I have a protrusion in my shoulder, I don’t know if you have this condition

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Thanks, but I have a question. Outdoor riding, it’s easy to workout for 3 hours or more so that my tss is adequate to ensure I’m making progress, which is not only reflected in my ftp numbers, but I’m also feeling healthier in my self.
However, due to a facial injury, my doctor has asked me to stay away from outdoor exposure to UV rays for a year to avoid wound pigmentation, and due to implementing a low volume training program, I’m training 3.5h a week, which is lower compared to the past.
I use a power cycling trainer, for example, more than two hours of training, my butt hurts too much, I don’t have this problem outdoors. I’ve also seen some posts on the forum about using a roller, I wonder how much the lift will be, it’s not a small investment for me, it would cost about 500$

Check out some of the consider and suggestions here, if you haven’t looked at them already.

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I had too bad if a break to let it try to heal itself (they were never sure whether it broke in 2 or 3 places, and the displacement was impressive). I still developed a pretty good bump near the lower end, which isn’t ideal, but oh well.

I didn’t think I could do more than 90 minutes on the trainer until this happened, but I gradually worked up my time watching tacx videos (real world rides) in slope mode trying to pretend it was a “real” ride and managed to get up to 2.5-3 hours pretty regularly.

Fwiw, my doc just said use a ton of sunscreen to avoid roadrash+sun issues. You could wear a very lightweight (maybe thin wool) snood over your injuries?

It’s almost astronomical autumn in the northern hemisphere, the sun is too weak already to get sunburnt

For a year? Where do you live? There is very little risk of aquiring any additional skin pigmentation for about six months of a year in quite a few parts of the world - its winter. Even if you live somewhere with a lot of sunshine, maybe you can ride at night, or early in the morning, before the sun is too strong? Or you could put a strong sun block cream on?

I’d also ask another doctor too. A year seems very long not to ride outside.

I live in the northern hemisphere and have tried going out on cloudy days and still getting a tan for long periods of time.
Because of a facial injury, I chose to trust my doctor’s advice in that regard and didn’t have to take the risk, I just didn’t ride outdoors for a year. I still play tennis twice a week though, at 6pm, after the sun goes down
Back to the trainerroad training, I think about the last month of training and the garmin edge840 has been showing that I’m under-trained, not sure if it’s the lack of vo2max, which was added to me by the tr program base 2

That Garmin training status thing is garbage. Ignore it. It will steer you wrong

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Did you do a proper test before you started training?

Over and over we have posts on the forum where the rider hasn’t even done a proper FTP test but are speculating about their FTP. People do a proper long form test every 4-6 weeks if you really want to dial in your training and track your progress.

Speculating on what the AI thinks or what a Garmin headunit thinks is pointless.

I’ll agree with the Garmin that a 3 day per week low volume plan is not a lot of training load for cycling. Throw in 2 to 3 more days of endurance if you want to make faster progress.