Two months of training after recovering from a fractured clavicle with little or no increase in ftp

Really exact FTP isn’t that important in the TR ecosystem as long as it is in the ballpark and you answer the post ride survey honestly you’ll end up with the correct workouts and you can track progress with your progress levels (especially the threshold and VO2max progress levels)

I totally agree but people are still obsessing over it. My point is that if one is going to obsess over it, then do a proper test. End of story. No guessing. If one started training without a proper test they have no idea where they started or what their actual gains are. If they don’t have a current solid FTP test then they really can’t gauge progress unless they just trust the AI calculation.

If one is going to use the TR AI software then trust it. Don’t try to game it or out think it.

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Sorry, I was wrong, what Gamin said was: inefficiency
Do you mean increase Z2 training? As I said earlier, I can’t complete more than two hours of training because of butt pain…

I assume you are three days per week right now on an LV plan?

If so, I’d say, yes, add Z2 / easy endurance 2-3 more days a week. Even 30 minutes is better than zero IMO. You can also do double days to get more volume if that makes it easier on your butt.

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This isn’t a thing - you can get sunburnt year round. Plus the OP isn’t worried about sunburn per se, but about the possible pigmentation effects, which would be exposure short of outright sunburn.

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First off, I want to acknowledge that restarting training after a serious injury or illness can be very frustrating and difficult. Kudos to you for getting started and being consistent. I’ve had a couple of clavicle fractures (and plenty of other injuries and illnesses) and they aren’t fun.

One consideration is that at this stage in your recovery, your body is still devoting substantial resources to healing (of your clavicle probably, and definitely of your facial injury). I am confident you will see gains over time.

Re the indoor cycling and inability to do long rides: if you are using the same bike that you use effectively for comfortable outdoor cycling (I.e., if there’s no fit issue), I suspect you will be able to build up your tolerance for indoor rides. I have a huge preference for riding outdoors, and I started out with 45 minutes indoors feeling like a chore. I still don’t like the trainer, but can ride much longer now when wet/icy weather keeps me indoors. Make sure to stand frequently, and think about all the ways you can increase comfort and enjoyment while on the trainer. Lasko fan(s), quality bibs, good music, Zwift or something else as a visual distraction, and a treat for fueling e.g. candy or a favorite pastry.

Good luck!

If you live northern of around 50⁰ longitude there really is virtually no to no UV light for a significant part of the year

The link @mcneese.chad posted is great! We’d recommend reading through some of those suggestions.

You could also try gradually increasing the amount of time you spend on the trainer – for example, you could try bumping up to 1hr10min, 1hr15min, 1hr20min… Just a little bit at a time to get used to spending longer durations on the trainer.

TrainNow might also be a good tool to use if you’d like to add in some extra rides/volume on days off from your plan. Just make sure you don’t overdo things – we’d advise generally keeping that extra volume at low intensity so you don’t rack up excess fatigue.

More info on that here:

If you’re itching to get back outside, I’d echo what others have suggested and perhaps ask your doctor for further recommendations on stuff such as sunscreen or other protections for your healing wounds. I’ve personally crashed and messed up my face a few times now… My facial scarring (and plenty of other road rash/cuts on my body :sweat_smile:) might be more noticeable than if I had stayed indoors for up to a year after the previous times I’ve been injured, but my love for getting outdoors has always been greater than my willingness to keep those scars out of the sunlight. I don’t know the severity of your facial injury, but just something to consider – I imagine getting outside is a big part of why you enjoy cycling too!

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