Two issues: Session did not transfer to Strava & Software freeze 10-15sec or so during session

Hi, sorry to be a pain just before Christmas. My session this am did not trasfer to Strava as normal.

I did Donner. The copy I recorded on my Garmin is there, and the Donner TR session went successfully to my Garmin connect account. But it did not go from TR to Strava.

Also there was a moment, 10-15 seconds or so, when the TR software/programme frooze during the ride. It was just at the start of the second interval. I carried on, the screen eventually updated. but it took a while. Over 8-9 weeks I have seen this happen 3-4 times at most, but it is definitely happening and happened this time.

I am using a W10 64 bit PC, ant+ connections.

Have a good break. I assume you’ll deal with these arter the holidays. Phil

Hey Phil!

I’m sorry to hear about the upload and freezing issues you’ve been experiencing. This is a problem that one of our Support Agents would be happy to look into for you :slight_smile: you can reach out to them at

You are right though, we are a bit short staffed for the next couple days, so their response may be a bit slower than usual.

Merry Christmas!


Hi Phil,

While echoing Bryce’s comment about reaching out to our Support team about the workout freezes, I wanted to look into this for you and see if we can get things moving forward for you as soon as possible:

It looks like the Garmin recording of your ride made it up to Strava first. Sometimes there’s a little bit of a processing lag from TR>Strava when uploading a workout, and if your Garmin or TR synced with your Garmin Connect account first, the workout could make it into Strava from GC before the TR version made it up.

In an effort to minimize unnecessary ride data, Strava will flag any ride upload as a “duplicate file” if it contains similar data and shares a start and finish time with another previously uploaded file.

What that means in this case is that if the ride file went Garmin/TR>Garmin Connect>Strava, it “blocked” the TR workout upload that came just after it.

The only workarounds I can think of for this are to turn off automatic upload from your Garmin to GC, or TR sync with GC, depending on which one pushed there. Or, you could turn off sync between Strava and GC. As you can see, things get complicated once a few different sync services start competing.

Regarding the freezes on Windows, I’d recommend closing any other apps you’re running, making sure you’re on “high performance” battery settings, and restarting your computer if you tend to leave it on for extended periods of time. Best of luck and happy holidays!

Thanks for getting back to me, both of you…

  1. On the sync with Strava – normally I get both, from Garmin and TR, so I was puzzled by this. I’ll look at what happens in others after Christmas. Just puzzled this time. I’ll keep an eye on it.

  2. On freezing. Only running your app. On mains power. And usually I have shut down the computer and simply restarted it as I have a spare laptop I only use for TR.

Don’t worry. I’ll look at these later. Hope you are having a good break