Turning fan to max disconnects ant+

I have a large 90w metal fan that often disconnects ant+ when I turn it to max speed.
This happens during zwift rides. When it happens nothing else helps than restarting zwift or sometimes even rebooting the computer.

I also have bluetooth usb receiver on my pc for my wireless headphones but after the disconnect not even that can find the trainer, powermeter or hr strap.

I’m using tacx ant+ dongle that is about a meter long, it’s right next to my front wheel. The fan is right next to it. The connection has been perfect except for this annoying disconnect.

Anyone have a similar problem? Any ideas how to fix it?

If you turn off the fan, does the ANT+ signal come back?

I suspect electrical noise when the fan is at max speed. Probably because the motor being driven too hard.

Try moving the ANT+ dongle as far away from the fan as possible. I have mine on a USB extender cable right between my trainer and the bottom bracket.

No it doesn’t. It seems the fan creates a short spike that causes the disconnect. Doesn’t happen every time. It’s weird that nothing helps to reconnect except zwift restart. I’ve tried re-plugging the ant+ dongle but no help. It sucks because I often have to quit group rides early.

I know it sucks, but you can always start the fan at full speed before the ride. You could try plugging the fan into a different power socket, one that is on different power group / circuit breaker. Unlikely to help though, because it’s most likely electromagnetic interference. If you feel desperate, you could go crazy with some aluminum foil between the fan & ANT+ sensor :stuck_out_tongue:

That restarting zwift is required can simply be a software limitation. Does the bluetooth configuration of Windows/iOS/… list it as connected again?

I actually already thought of doing this but I’m not that desperate yet. Maybe I could try usb extension cord that moves the dongle closer to my back wheel. Last option is getting a wahoo headwind.

I’ll have to check next time does it list as connected. Another thing I thought of maybe unplugging the ant+ and bluetooth and replugging only the bluetooth as a backup.

Switch your Wifi router to a different channel. Your supplier should be able to help you there. For me its just on a web browser it just something like https:\Port.Number.444.222 to bring up the router settings.

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