Turn off hardware acceleration for TrainerRoad

TrainerRoad uses a version of Chrome, but without the option of turning off hardware acceleration. This stops you from making one colour transparent using AutoHotkey. Does anyone know how to turn hardware acceleration off on TrainerRoad please? It surely doesn’t need it!

I have solved this by running in compatibility mode for Windows Vista, but have sent a message to TrainerRoad support because it would be nicer to have a toggle in settings.

Yo! Talking to the team and trying to get some more context about what this feature request is for specifically? Let me know what you’re trying to achieve so I can pass along to the team and try to help!


Thanks, I emailed support as well, but this is what I’m after: A better way to integrate TrainerRoad with RGT? - YouTube full transparency except for the text and workout graphs would be great please!

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