TrainerRoad, so clear it is the only true Smart option for blind cyclist

The accessibility is so good, miles ahead of all the competition, clearly demonstrated here! Trainer Road - the only true Smart cycling option for Blind cyclists - YouTube


Thanks for the positive words! Glad to see the work of our Accessibility Team paying off! :smiley:

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Ha, yes, credit where its due! I kept it quite neutral to try to clearly focus objectively on the differences, showing how RGT/Zwift are complete closed doors, with login/sign-in/front page giving no VoiceOver access, WattBike having an incompatible bike pairing process, preventing any practical use, and then TrainerRoad, just pair, up and go in seconds!!

Great if the Plan Builder process could be refreshed as its not accessible in the app, or on the desktop in Chrome, Firefox or on Safari. Those date selectors, event type selectors and edit boxes are just not rendered using the compliant/standard API calls recommended for full accessibility.

For now, I’m just selecting ‘Ride Now’ and the adaptive offerings are working well :blush: