Turbo advice wanted for an Elite suito

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I’m a lapsed cyclist so have decided to take the plunge and go for an indoor trainer to get my fitness back. I narrowed it down to the Elite Suito or Kickr Core but went for the Suito after lots of deliberation mainly because due to reliability and also ease of use.

My one concern is reading about the ride feel of the Suito compared to the Core? I just wondered if anyone has ridden both or even can comment on their own suito? Is ride feel really as much of an issue as many of the reviews seem to make out? As they are quite similar in cost i would hope they would be comparable.

Thanks in advance! and apologies f the subject has been done to death on here! Just want to be sure i’ve made the right choice.


I upgraded from a wheel-on to a Suito earlier this year. I have not noticed anything bad about how it feels, but I’m also not sure what a baseline “good” ride feel is, heh. I ride almost exclusively in Erg mode.

30-second VO2max intervals (yellow line is the Suito power):

8-second sprints:

Changes in resistance seem to kick in pretty fast, both going up and coming down.


I’ve got the Suito and had it for over a year. Occasionally its ride isn’t perfect but the majority of time it is. On a recent TR ride despite me toggling off ERG, ERG seemed to kick in repetitively. I think I confused it though by pairing it with bluetooth and Ant +, changed it later and it was perfect. It seems to have worked well with my previous interval training and RGT for the last 7months too. It seems realistic and a good road feel for the latter. I use it with a power meter link. The reason I bought it over the core was mainly due to its compactness and that still trumps for me. I’ve also had a few elite products and never had an issue with them. Those reports seem OTT to me.

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Thanks for the replies. My main reason was due to compactness and practicality too. i’ve not got a dedicated area so that was really important. It was so hard coming to a decision and all the trainers seem to have some compromise unless you spend huge sums of cash (not that 650 quid isn’t a huge sum to me). I think i was just overthinking it and possibly having a bit of a wobble after shelling out such a lot of money. I do think it will be more than good enough for me and most people with one seem very happy. Reliability was quite important and whilst they all have issues i’ve heard many less about the suito. Fingers crossed and thanks again!