Tubeless Maintenance Between Rides

I just got my first set of tubeless wheels and was wondering what maintenance should be done during periods of non-use. I can’t always ride outside due to work and family commitments, so the tubeless tires could go 2-3 weeks between uses. Should I rotate them weekly to ensure the inside of the tires stays coated? Anything else?

Post note: This thread talks about long-term periods of non-use and whether to clean out the sealant or not.

Honestly, dont even worry about it. Ive had tubeless for years and only scraped out old sealant once bc I didnt use the bike literally for a year and a fair amount of it solidified. Otherwise, its fine. I add a bit of sealant every two months or so. Ive even sucked the old sealant back up into the syringe and reused it when I switched to a new tire.

You can be as neurotic as you want about it (no offense to those who Im sure will tell you extensive maintenance routines), but it is fully functional with almost no effort (2-3 weeks wont matter even if you dont manually spin it).


Don’t worry about it…except, as Stan’s advises:

How long will the sealant last in my tire?

The sealant should last an average of 2-6 months depending on factors such as: temperatures and humidity in your area, how often you ride, where you store your bike (cooler is better), tire casing thickness, number of punctures the sealant has already sealed that you never knew you had, etc. A good preventative maintenance schedule for most riders is to check/refresh your sealant quarterly (every three months).


GPLama had an interesting video:


If I’ve taken my wheel(s) off for some reason, I lean them on a wall so they’re upright while I do my other work. When I’m done with my other work, I shake the wheel side to side and listen for moving sealant. If I hear sloshing, it’s good. If there’s no sloshing, I add sealant.


I top up with Orange seal every couple of months. I’m using GP5000TLs and since they have a inner butyl layer the tire is not porous at all and the sealant lasts quite a while. If you have tires that weep from the sidewalls then your sealant won’t last as long and you’ll need to top up more frequently.

I just changed my rear GP5000TL after a year of use and many top ups with orange seal. It had maybe a 10 gram snot ball of latex in there and some liquid. That ball was nothing.

I learned from my gravel tires that it’s never worth it to take the tires off and clean them out. Just keep adding sealant as needed and then toss the tires when they are used up. There’s nothing more to do.

That said, get yourself a good syringe and valve core removal tool. Always take the core out and clean it when topping up sealant.

If you get the kind of syringe with a skinny tip then you can stick it down inside your valve and try and remove whatever sealant is still there letting you know how much as evaporated. I did this once and then realized it wasn’t a crucial step. I just keep topping up. I’d rather have extra sealant then not enough. I could care less about an extra 10 or 20 grams of weight.

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How do you clean your valve cores? Is there something that dissolves the sealant but doesn’t ruin the o-ring?

Manufacturers (trying to sell the stuff) say 4months between top ups. It’s down to your local storage environment but I find that too soon and existing sealant comes spurting out when I go to topup. Some guides say up to a year between top ups.

For 2-3 weeks with my current set up I’d be happy to do nothing and not even fret about pumping the tyres up. Some set ups lose air a little faster though so you might need to but that’s it. No real difference to any other tube/tyre :wink:


WD40 and a pin. The WD40 helps unstick any dried sealant making it easier to pick out with the pin. Tedious, but keeps the valve cores clean.


I haven’t had to do anything other than pull off any accumulated sealant with my finger. Sometimes you don’t even see it but if you look closely, you might find a tiny doughnut of dried sealant. I just pull it off and reuse my core.


I rarely ride my MTB and have gone a year with sealant inside mostly in storage and it’s still all liquid when I swapped tires. This was with Stan’s sealant.

Valve core wise, I keep all my cores from my trashed road tubes in a little bag for spares for this reason (plus if you drop one into a bottle of your chain lube it helps stir/agitate upon shaking without clogging up the spout like a marble might)