Tubular Glue leave or remove

I managed to get a set of second hand tubular disc brake disc wheels. They are from a pro team and have the glue still on.

Do I have to remove the glue to fit new tires with tape if so how?

If I was to glue new tires on do I have to remove the glue.

Completely new to Tubs but not after a glue vs tape debate please.

I have never used tape, but as far as I know tape can be used alone or with glue.

Needing to remove the existing glue depends on its condition. That being said, every time I have glued a rim that was new to me I have cleaned it down to the rim then started from scratch. If I am working with a rim I have glued in the past and the base layer of glue is in good condition I will leave it.

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If you are going to be using a tape then you need to remove the old glue first.

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If you were gluing you can leave the existing glue in place.

If you are going to use tape you must remove the existing glue. I have used Effetto Mariposa Carogna Tubular Tape Remover before. Took a good few days of applying, leaving to soak, removing residue, cleaning and then repeating the process. Not quick or easy but got down the to the rim bed and left it like it was new.

Sounds like it might be easier to use glue and dress the existing glue so it’s nice and even.

Original question aside, I would avoid using tape if at all possible…it is horrible for your Crr. Basically makes what should be a fast tire a GatorSkin.

But as indicated above, if you are gluing you can leave the old glue on there. If taping, you should remove it.

… just in case:

So giving I have no point of reference as to what “good glue” looks like, the glue on there looks to me like any glue that has had the surfaces separated. i.e its patchy. Should I give it a wipe down with some Acetone to smooth it out or just apply another layer of glue when I am pre gluing the tires?

Up to you…I rarely ever cleaned off glue when I was riding tubulars. Others did it all the time.

The white spirit And rag method worked a treat. Still took two days to do two wheels happy with the results. Would add a photo but don’t know how.

Worked for me too with old tshirt cut off at bottom fitted around wheel , left for afternoon and you can see all the glue that just peeled off when I removed the rag.

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