Cyclocross Tubulars - Glue or tape?

So, I have had 2 glued cross tubulars roll off. What’s the trick to keeping them on the wheel? I’m giving ‘Effetto Mariposa Caragno’ tape a try, it’s supposed to be great! Any ideas?

tape em’ and glue em’ Check google for “belgian cyclocross tubular gluing”

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I used to glue for road and cross. Now I’ve glued three tires with Effetto so far ( all for cross) and it’s worked great. Way easier and cleaner than glue. I removed one tire after about a year of use and it was at least as hard to rip off as any tire I’ve glued.


For the last 3 seasons myself and a couple of my club mates have all used the Mariposa tape for our tubs

It’s absolutely brilliant, not one of us has rolled a tub and over here in the UK the conditions for cross can get very very sticky, grippy and muddy.

Taping can be a bit fiddly but once you get the hang of it you will be able to tape a tub in 15 minutes

Honestly, I cannot recommend highly enough. We also use it for the tubs on our road bikes

One word of warning, make sure your rims are as clean as possible, use acetone or pure alcohol to clean. Also make sure you get tape that is slightly too wide for your rims, this prevents mud and water getting between the tub and into the tape

By the way, my limus mud tubs have been taped for two years and not budged, probably should change every 12 months but that shows you how good the stuff is

Good luck

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I really want that Mariposa tape to work, still gluing here.

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I’ve had mixed results with the Mariposa tape. Never actually rolled a tub, but I punctured during a very wet / muddy race and taking the tub off afterwards was way too easy, it pretty much peeled straight off.

Admittedly I’ve never punctured a glued tub in the same scenario (only on dry days), but I’ve had to fight to get it off afterwards.

Using the ‘Belgian’ method now: glue + cx tape.

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Another vote for the Mariposa tape. It’s different to traditional tape - thicker and fills the gap between the tub and the rim profile really well. And much easier to apply than glue. I was a skeptic and now I’m a big fan.

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One word…tubeless.

I am so done screwing with tubulars and have been racing my tubeless ritchey wcs shield tires most of the time. You can run down into the 20s now. Soo much better.

But if you’re going to stick with them. Two options.

  1. Belgian tape method is probably the best but a pain to take off and reprep for new tire.
  2. Butt’r tape method. Search for Michael robsons video on how to do it. It works as well and is easier to clean up when swapping a wheel.
  3. Effeto has been covered on velonews by Leonard Zinn. Search for his article and it has the particulars on how to get that tape to work correctly.

This is coming from a person that has 6 sets of wheels with me and my wife so I’ve done my fair share of gluing.

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Thanks all. I’ve stuck ‘em on with the Maripossa and it feels super solid… two races in the mud on them so far and they seem like they are welded!

I would really recommend the Maripossa now, so much easier and way less messy to put on. Go for it, you’ll not be sorry.