Re-glueing CX tubulars question

Hi all,

Due to some incredible bad luck at my last race, I need to re-glue my set (yes, front and rear) of grifo tubulars before US nationals in a couple weeks. I used the Belgian CX tape method and this is my first time needing to re-glue.

My question is, how much tape residue is ok to leave on? I’ve found info for glue only, and on how to actually remove it, but not much on how much is OK to leave on. I’ve spent some time working on them with a heat gun and acetone but my time is limited before nationals. The tape itself is all off, just the residue is left behind. I can spend the whole off season getting them better if needed but what’s going to be good enough to get me through one more race?

I’ve attached a couple pics of the worst of it. Most of the rims look better than this though.

Thanks for any insight and good luck to those racing at nationals!

I glue cx tubs for myself and others. I suggest you go around the rim with a sharp chisel and take off any loose or high spots. Then wipe with alcohol or acetate. Once you start laying the first layers of glue it will level out a lot.
I use double sided tape down the centre of the rim and apply after the first layer of glue has dried. There is specific cx tape but have found jantex works fine too.
Then apply 2 further layers to the rim and tyre leaving each to dry, time to dry depends upon the glue.
Finally apply one layer to the rim and mount the tyre after a 10 minute wait. Straighten up and pump to 5 bar then leave overnight.