Any tips cx glueing/ tape tires getting glue off tires

Ok I have taken a set of challenge limus off the rims last cx season, and the part of the tire has old tape stuck on any tips on getting the tire cleaned for re-installation? Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks

Effetto Mariposa Carogna Mastick/Glue Remover for Aluminum and Carbon Rims:

This works well. Do a web search on how to use.

Would this work in cleaning the tire? As I have the rim cleaned up thanks

You don’t need to clean the tire. The gluing process will reactivate the old glue. Trying to clean the tire is most likely going to result in the base tape separating from the tire and then you’ve destroyed it. If you have Belgian tape stuck on the tire you could just try to pick it off. I don’t think I would try to use any sort of solvent on the tire.

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