Tubless road tires. Continental 5000 or Schwalbe Pro One?

Was that with 2016 Pro Ones or the new 2019 Pro Ones? I’ve used the 2016 version for many miles and love them. Purchased the 2019 version with the addix compound as soon as they released and I am also seeing sealant slowly bubbling out. They still work and the hold pressure well, I just never had this issue with the 2016 version. Although the 2019’s feel more plush and better in my hands, I’m liking the 2016 better with the one star compound and microskin. Never had sealant seep out with the 2016’s.

What sealant are you using? I am using finish line.

I have ENVE 5.6 disc wheels and tried ALL the major tubeless tires. The 5000 were very difficult to install, after a large cut on a ride I had to put a tube in. It was a warm October day and I was able to repair roadside, but back in the garage at lower outside temperatures I couldn’t thumb the same tire on the same wheel! I’m done with the 5000.

My overall favorite was a Specialized tire that has been replaced by this one: https://www.specialized.com/us/en/s-works-turbo-rapidair-tubeless-ready/p/170432?color=261580-170432 I’ve got a set of the S-Works Turbo RapidAir tires but this winter have been riding 4 Seasons for a little more durability.

You may want to consider that Specialized S-Works Turbo RapidAir Tubeless Ready tire. It’s the next tire I’m going to try.


Hmm, opposite reaction as I was using the 2016 Pro Ones with Stan’s sealant initially at that time which was problematic, not the 2019 version. Pressure was holding but made me worry while riding, so I cleaned out the old sealant then put in Orange sealant. Same result with the bubbling yet pressure holding.

I’d like to find a good reliable long lasting tire, maybe the Specialized tire mentioned recently.

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I know it’s not one of the tires in the title but I have been using Vittoria Corsa Controls for the past couple months and have found them to be really good on the road. They were kinda hard to install but I’ve found that every tire I’ve tried on my stock aluminum DT wheels to be difficult. But I’ve ridden michigan gravel roads as well as fast road group rides on them and they are comfortable, I’ve had no issues with cornering grip, and have had no cuts or any evidence of punctures that sealant sealed. I like them so much that I’ll probably move to the regular Corsas when the road racing season picks up and I wear these out.

Whel 80$ each tire is almost twice I can get the 5000 and 2.5 times the price of pro ones.

I’ve got a friend ridding Victoria’s and he pleased. IL have a look on those too.

Only bought one set of the older Specialized and those were $85. I had two sets of Pro Ones and found them more fragile, the longest life was ~1000 miles. Gave up on Pro One. Retired one of the Specialized at 2500+ miles. And the Conti 5000 could be very difficult to work on if you are unlucky and cannot seal a large gash with plugs.

Here is some of my tubeless data:

I only started tracking after the first set of Pro Ones lasted about 700-1000 miles.