Purchasing decisions: used Roval CLX vs new Zipp 303S

Hey there!

I could use some help. I decided it’s finally time to make a switch to disc brakes and I’m looking to buy new wheels. My budget is around 900€. I’m looking at either a used set of Roval wheels - front Rapide CLX + rear CL50 or new Zipp 303S.

I assume the Rovals will be a lot better wheel (?) but the Zipp crash replacement lifetime warranty doesn’t sound bad either. What’s your guys’ opinions? Or are even better wheels at this price point I’m missing?


Roval’s are better wheels, providing they are the rapides

I have both the Rapide CLs and Zipp 303s

I use the Rapides as nice wheels and the 303s as winter/commuting wheels and run both tubeless.

I have a clear preference for the CLs - they feel faster, they make a a cool aero wheel sound and the freehub with the upgraded 54t ratchet is fantastic.

The 303s don’t make all the cool noises or feel quite as fast but they’re not a chore to use either. I think the wide, hookless rims help running wider tyres (I used 32mm on them!) which keeps things comfortable.

I did have to replace the bearings in the rear 303s after just one winter, though.

I’d definitely choose the Rovals if I could only keep one though!

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