Tubeless options for Fulcrum 2 way fit wheels

After playing around on MTB only, I was a little confused when I looked up the documentation for the set of wheels that came with my new road bike.
Seriously? The other brands of TL tires are forbidden?

Is the compatibility claim about TL tires legit? Am I really limited to Schwalbe TL only?
Surely not?

I know the rest of the recommendations about only using their rim tape, sealant and valves is the biggest load of bull. The instruction manual for converting to tubeless is pretty useless as well.

Is anyone running other brands of TL tires on Fulcrum 2 way fit wheels? Any issues?

Well I am running conti GP5000 with no issues on Fulcrum Racing 900DB. A bitch to put on the rims though but if I’m honest I didn’t realise they were meant for Scwalbe only but contis work just fine

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My campag 2way fit Bora WTOs have had pretty much every brand of tyres but schwalbe fitted at some point - don’t worry about it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for that.
Tubless tyres of all types can be a pain to get on sometimes. I like to think that the harder they are to get on the less likely they are to burp and roll off the rim. :+1:

It’s been an interesting learning experience playing around with road bike tech. I’m used to doing all my own work on my bikes so tend to err on the side of caution to begin with.

I remember my first ride on MTB tubless. The difference was night and day.
Do you get the same noticable difference in feel with road tubless?

I prefer them as can run lower pressures so comfier and also quicker on real roads. The GP5000’s are amazing tyres

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What sort of pressures are we talking?
I’m 75kg (165lbs) on average and currently have 28mm tyres on the bike. I think I ran 75psi rear and 65-70 up front on my last ride and found that to be a good balance between comfort and too much squish.

I guess I’ll have to hunt down a set and do the conversion to find out the fun way.

I’m similar weight to you and run 70 front 80 rear on 25mm GP5000 on a c19 rim - but it’s just trial and error as you say :+1:

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I’ve run everything but Schwalbes on my Fulcrums with zero issues.

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