Seeking help… Conti gp5000 tubeless tires & hunt wheels

Has anyone been able to mount continental GP 5000TL tires on to hunt wheel sets? This is my first time trying a tubeless setup and I’ve spent the better part of 3 hours and some really raw hands trying to get the second tire bead over the rim. I reckon I shouldn’t have to be trying to put a metric ton of force to get it to slip over the top…

Is there any trick? I’m pushing the tire bead down into the center well, but for the life of me can’t get the second bead over the top.

Everyone that I know that has Hunt wheels set up tubeless has them combined with 5000TLs, including me. They are a little tight but that also seems to make them a good seal. The once I’ve needed a tyre worm a hand pump re seated them and I rarely need to top them up. For me even with hands that were destroyed during chemo it wasn’t too bad. I just needed to work around the rim a few times and use a plastic lever reversed to lift the last bit over the rim (there’s no tube to pinch). IIRC Now the chemo is out of my body the last time I fitted the rear (last summer) I didn’t need the tyre lever but had to work the tyre round into the tyre well a few times before it popped over.

I always use two plastic tyre levers to pop the last bit over.

Also do this at the valve - if the valve is somewhere else, it’ll stop the bead going into the rim well at that point.

I can’t quite see from your pic, but the other bead (the other side of the tyre) is also fully in the rim well?

I don‘t see it mentioned, but heat can help sometimes. Leave the setup in the sun to warm, or use a hair drier on low or med around the tire.

Aim is to get the tire more pliable and slightly longer to allow just enough more movement to get over the rim.

Ditto the comments above regarding heat and making sure you end at the valve :+1:

They are known to be pretty tight tyres also.

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I’ll try this. I was just chasing it around the rim for about 10 minutes—one bead is on the center valley and the other is definitely going into the center

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I’ve mounted all my GP5000s by hand so far with the following tricks:

Wear work gloves
Unfold, let tire sit in the warm sun for 20 minutes
(I have also used a hairdryer in the winter)

Use soap and water to make things slippery

Once you get to the 2nd side, start opposite the valve stem. Push tire tightly into the center channel and keep working in both directions. Never let up on the tension otherwise start over.

You should arrive at the valve stem with a much smaller flap than you have.

The soap and water and heavy work gloves should allow you to slide that final flap over the rim.


I run that exact same wheel with gp5000TLs in 32. Its really hard, but it holds air without sealant the moment you get it on. I take a non marring, plastic face wood clamp like These and clamp the tire at the highest point on each side that is actually on the wheel. Then i take a tire lever and pry up 5" farther up. Pry really pretty hard, watch your fingers. When it pops on, move your clamp up farther.

Make really really really sure the bead is pushed down into the center channel all the way around the tire. The couple mm matters here. The 2nd time with that set of tires will be easier, they seem to have a bit more give after being on the wheel for some time.

I use this exact set up (but tubed version of the 32s) and they were a MONSTER to get on. But once on they are good to go. Two tire levers and hand strength it what it took - and the tubeless version MUST be even harder. But now I ride with a tirejack in my jersey just in case I get a flat roadside because they were so hard to get on initially. So a tirejack is my go to now for tire install.

I have been using GP5000 TL’s as long as I have had Hunt wheels.

While the Conti’s have a reputation for being tight on a number of rims, I found using Schwalbe levers make them pretty easy.

They do stretch slightly once installed - when popping the bead to check sealant levels, I could get them back on by hand alone.

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This is what the guys at my LBS use without apology.


Yup, a great tool. For those searching to get one, “Kool Stop Tire Bead Jack” is the official name.

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Koolstop for the win. And if you go Vittoria AirLiner inserts buy the kit so you get the pliers and stops, trust me you’ll need them.


I’ve got one of those bead jacks and still haven’t been able to get it on. Sun came out and I’m taking a half day at work so hopefully there’s some better luck today!

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I didn’t see it stated but a clothes dryer on low is also great at warming up the tire (if direct sunlight isn’t an option due to weather)

work gloves is a must - lots of levers - little bit of soap water as lube

Those TL’s are the worst when it comes to getting on - also plan ahead as you will never (or be super challenging) be able to take them off/ put them back on while on the roadside if you have a tube them - even after they have stretched a bit

these are my fav levers. All other shapes/sizes are inferior. :wink:

Work gloves, sun and soap didn’t work. Tried the other 5000TL on the front wheel and same problem. I got an amazing catch on the bead jack and it just ripped the sidewalls back out of the rim.

If these go flat while out on the road im F’d….

Using 700x25c (25-622 whatever those numbers mean) conti GP5000TL. These are on alloy rims but I would not be comfortable with putting as much pressure as I have been on carbon.

I’m really tearing up the levers at this point too

How many layers of tape have you got on the rim?

Hunt did it before shipping. It looks like just one overlapping layer

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